Friday, June 05, 2009


Channel #15 on the box
QVC is the "Quality, Value, Convenience," home shopping channel. I've never bought from this or any home shopping channel so I can't validate any of the claims. They seem to focus on women with their exclusive make-up and clothing lines. I watch on occasion when they have electronics or computers only because it looks so shiny. Every once in a while while they demo a gadget you learn a shortcut or trick to work your electronics better.

Started in 1986.
They became so popular they spun-off into actual brick and mortar retail shops.

How To - Clever marketing mixes selling with some nice tips.

Christmas & New Years - They stop all programming during the yuletide season and play classic songs and videos.

Pushy - The are their to sell and the fake smile and non-witty banter makes it very annoying at times.

Live Calls - They often take live calls that are sometimes pranks but more often just awkward.

Seriously, the entire channel is an ad. 1/4 of the screen is pricing, instructions, and details on the current offering.


  1. I've bought stuff off the UK version of QVC. Nothing wrong with it, and it arrived promptly. I did know someone who worked for them as an Electrician "on set", and he said they had their own "staff shop" that had unsold stuff with a huge 85/90% discount on it. He fitted out an entire home gym over a period of a year or two by buying the stuff from them dirt-cheap. ;-)

    I even heard of people here who watch the channel for hours on end!

  2. That discount would be great. I can see watching it for hours late at night they're very calming and convincing.


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