Friday, January 27, 2006

Whoops, I Guessed Wrong

Smallville: Reckoning
I guessed Chloe would die but instead they killed off Jonathan Kent. I was wrong but still it was a good episode. I still believe Chloe won't make it out of this series alive.

Lost: Fire Plus Water
In my humble opinion I think Charlie is infected with the virus that Danielle Rousseau mentioned.
Also it may have got Michael and Locke?

Could Libby be a patient or really a doctor who worked where Hurley was a patient? Either way she noticed like I did that the washer and dryers were ultra-modern the ones that came out last year or so.

While I did notice the polar bears in the crib when Drive Shaft was singing, the crashing plane in one of Charlie's visions was only visible for those with HDTV.
This is a recent trend in TV shows that I don't like because they're putting up content that is part of the storyline when not everyone, hell not even 10% of TV viewers on HD or wide screen TVs.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday Madness

Surface: Episode 13
Well it turns out to be a bad day for everyone. First Rich goes home and finds out his wife has filed for a divorce. Then Miles goes to a town meeting where the locals agree to hunt the sea monsters...hmm that doesn't seem to be a smart choice.
Then we learn the back story of the mysterious scientist who has Laura, she was recruited out of college by a firm that already cloned sheeps in the 1960's. The also have an Archaeopteryx, the link between dinosaurs and birds.
After Laura leaves the scientist she and Rich go to trace the money of the "firm" and end up in an abandoned factory where Rich talks to what he thought was a little girl instead it was Chaka from Land of The Lost, please people raise the budget for special effects. The creature attacks and confirms what the duo thought. The firm is making animals and can't control them.
Back in Miles' town the locals place a shootout trap for the sea monsters but the creatures instead chomp up the locals until Miles steps in and leads the swarm away.
Mad scientist woman then gets a visit from Agent Lee who tells her you talked now you die, she is allowed to contact her family one last time.
Rich and Laura take a scene from Lost and find a film that partially explains the "firm". On the film from 1957 we see a hike to the mountains and the unknown "firm" leader finding the sea lily on in a crator on the mountain and Agent Lee happily pointing it out.In the beginning of the season Lee told his woman that the flower was "the future" and knowing he is now at least 70 years old we have more questions then answers.

24: 11:00 AM-12:00PM
Jack is cleared and the spy in CTU and the one in the White House is revealed but it seems that they aren't against the US instead they have an alternate agenda.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

TV Guide: Jan. 23-29

TV has been okay but I'm much more busy then last semester so unless something extra special happens on TV I'll be slowing down on the blog.
By "special" I mean a boob popping out or some really shocking plot twist. Maybe if someone besides Chloe dies on Smallville I'll rant about it.

Back to TV Guide. On the cover Marg Helgenberger and CSI. 4-pages of Marg and her show that I don't watch.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • The 24 writers killed off Palmer & Michelle because there was nothing left to right about them.
  • Scrubs nearly lost their hospital set to a old folks home.
  • Juliette Lewis will be on My Name Is Earl.
  • Pics of Ashley Williams on How I Met Your Mother.
  • Elisha Cuthbert(Kim Bauer) will be back on 24 mid-season, eck.
  • Roush raves about sitcoms yet half of his picks have been canceled, haha.
  • An A to Z guide to Smallville plus a sum of the next episode.
  • Emily Deschanel loves her job on Bones.
  • Gavin Mcleod and Mary Tyler Moore will be on That 70's Show.
  • Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother, basically he's a cool pig.
  • NBC lied during an ER promo, which I mentioned here before, and some one in TV Guide also noticed.

Friday, January 20, 2006

No Joey = Better TV

First of all that freakin' transit strike before Christmas resulted in nothing. The members rejected the contract and the will lose most of their gains in binding arbitration. Good!

Smallville: Lockdown
After surviving the Kryptonian attack earlier this season a rogue cop and his fiancee go to Lex to find the spaceship. They kill yet another black guy after Lex locks himself in a panic room.
The cop killers then get Lana but lose her to Lex and once again Lex is mortally wounded.
Of course everything goes well at the end when Clark comes to the rescue.
While watching the show someone pointed out that it looked like Tom Welling was wearing a hearing aid, but I thought it was shadow I've posted a picture. So is there something in his ear?

My Name Is Earl: Stole P's H D cart
Earl tries to help an old man after he stole the man's Hot Dog cart as a two hundred dollar heist for another hot dog vendor. Giavonni Ribisi also stars in this episode. The old gang must infiltrate an office to steal at least $10,000 of office supplies to make right what has now gone wrong with the old man's hot dog cart.
It was a dang funny episode and the best part was Darnell. In an obvious joke he reprised his role as Rubberband-Man from those OfficeMax commercials.

Here is a blog dedicated to Eddie Steeples(Darnell)
Here are two of those famos Rubberband-Man ads. They are on an endless loop but here's the link and the other link.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

24: 4 Hour Premiere

24 - Day 5: 7:00 AM-8:00 AM
Originally uploaded by aaron_c.
Yeah I'm late big deal. I'm taking less classes then ever just 13 credits but I'm so close in changing my major. I may switch to Environmental Engineering it sounds nicer.

Nice screenshot from aaron c using Elgato EyeTV 2 on his Mac. This is the only reason I'd get a Mac, their great video editing functions.

On Martin Luther King Jr. day they shot the first black president in nearly the same way that MLK was shot. That was not enough for 24, then blew up Michelle and wounded Tony. They then went after Chloe but she outsmarted them and called Jack.

Jack was roused from his new life as Frank, a day laborer renting a room and dating a woman with a teenage son. Jack steals a helicopter and meets Chloe who is still being followed. The problem is that the teenage boy followed Jack and now is part of the plot.

While at the secret meeting place Jack kills all the bad guys including the Presidential assassin but not before finding out he is being set up.

Jack is now a fugitive, meanwhile President Logan is signing a peace pact with Russia and his wife, played brilliantly by Jean Smart is nuts. The twist is she was contacted by ex-Prez. Palmer about a big terrorist plot and no one believes her. The inside bad guy is her secret service guard.

The big bad guy is watching everything from a media room, he is former Forever Knight star Geraint Wyn Davies.

The target seems to be an airport hostage stand to disrupt the peace treaty signing but that was just a distraction to get a key card.

Jack and teenage boy are stuck in the airport but manage to get the bad guys without further loss of innocent life(minus two dead on camera).

The first lady tries to prove she's not that crazy and uses all her assets to find the truth.Sean Astin comes into the mix as the Presidential overseer. Him and the director of CTU have a weird relationship, kind of an odd pair. Astin does play a big role when he helps decipher a code from Jack that means he's in distress.

Now the true plot is a coffin of nerve gas. The key card is used to unlock a vault to steal these canisters.For a second I thought it was a vampires coffin, I mean with DB Woodside from Buffy and Geraint Wyn Davies of Forever Knight. All in all it was a great beginning and Fox and Sutherland did great with this season.

Monday, January 16, 2006

TV Guide: Jan. 16-22

On the cover Matthew Fox and the title Lost. Yet once again my issue is different from the official version. In the newsstand version you receive one of four Sci-Fi collectors cards but not in the subscription issue. They don't even mention the cards. They are constantly sending renewal forms but what is the point with only half the content.
The article inside is all about Matthew Fox or as everyone calls him "Foxy". The 39 year-old actor and photographer is married with two kids. There are plenty of ppicture Foxy took on the set included in the article.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • The "Lost numbers" have appeared in Veronica Mars and on the cover of DC Comics Catwoman.
  • Pics of Patrick Dempsey's trailer are better then my apartment.
  • Gillian Anderson in Bleak House on PBS.
  • Are Scrubs' Turk and J.D. TV's cutest couple?
  • Did you know Maisa Tomei is 41.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stargate Use To Be Good

Stragate SG-1: Collateral Damage
Browder was finally used in an episode and it sucked. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell has his memory messed with and thinks he killed a chick but really didn't.

Stargate Atlantis: Epiphany
Actually quite a good episode. Sheppard is trapped in a bubble that is moving faster in time then the normal world. He meets some villagers that are besieged by a beast. He helps them gain courage to defeat their fear-beast and they "ascend".

Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship (Part. 2)
The crews of the two battlestars work together to attack the cyclons. The battle was great and the humans win. Eventually when the dust settles it's time for assassnations but both leaders call it off.
Meanwhile Baltar confesses his love to Cylon Model Number Six no. III nd lets her escape. She then finds the admiral and kills her.
Now Adama is admiral and loving it.

Ghost Whisperer: Last Execution
A dead criminal guy is trying to help his daughter. The bad guy is a gallery owner who bought all the criminal's paintings. The daughter fights to clear her dad's name. The secret is that the dad had a contract leaving his daughter with a percentage of all sales his paintings make. He even possess the gallery owner to agree with it.
It was a very violent and disturbing episode. Melinda gets her hair caught in the garbage disposal and has to have it cut. Yet She is still cheerful and happy despite all these ghost trying to kill her and her hubby every week. First they have her in a tight bodice number with "asses in the seat" as they say, then she's bent over the seat taking it from a ghost. For shame.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lost: The 23rd Psalm

Finally it's back. First hour was a clip-show/recap of the entire series. Not bad it blended both sides of the island pretty good.

This episode was all about Mister Eko. It starts off in what I assume is Nigeria and a gang comes up to a little boy playing and forces him to kill an old man. When the little boy hesitates his older brother comes in and kills the old man. The gang is impressed and takes him away, it was a young Mister Eko.

Later Eko sees Charlie's statue breaks it and reveals the heroin inside. He forces Charlie to go with him and find the rest.

Eko is seen in flashbacks as a ruthless gang leader.

Michael is learning to shoot and getting a bit nuttier talking on the computer.

Back in Africa Eko visits his priest brother and guilts him into making him a priest to run drugs and puts heroin in the 300 Virgin Mary statues.

Charlie is up a tree when the "security system"/smoke monster meets up with Eko. As the camera passes through it we see several images from Eko's life. I posted pictures of what came across clearly. The smoke showed images of Eko's church, the woman in front of the church, different men's faces, a crucifix and the last one looks like Eko holding a woman or his dead brother it is hard to tell.

Micheal is hiding his new penpal from everyone.

Back in Africa Eko's brother called the authorities and ended up getting shot while Eko was pushed out of the plane. The plane then takes off and the officials think Eko is a real priest.

Eko finds the plane and his brother's corpse and burns it all. He does give Charlie a replacement statue. when Charlie gets back to camp he places the statue in a secret place and we see half a dozen more statues that he has hidden.

The koreans make friends with Ana and Libby gets help from Hurley.

Great episode, as for Invasion I fell asleep when they did the whole hot-horny-girl with awkward-teenage boy storyline from Surface.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Surface Gets Better

Surface: Episode 12
Laura was about to open the door with the bad guys on the other side when Rich came in and snapped into action. After a chase through the hotel Rich confronts on of the agents and beats the crap out of the guy.
It's nice to see how every time you think Rich is mellowing out he goes a little psycho.
Eventually Lauar opens an e-mail from a stranger trying to help her. The person on the other uses an extreme version of Google Earth to take live pictures of Rich and Laura from a satellite. The person then gives the two a phone and some money and fake ID's. The stranger tells Laura to fly off and meet in person. When she does she realizes that the pilot is the stranger.
The stranger is played by Martha Plimpton, of Goonies fame, she is a scientist claiming to be one of 2,500 who helped design this creature.
Meanwhile Miles is trying to help Nim again, deal with a hot-fast-slutty girl and starting to transform into a sea monster.
The creatures seemed to haven't eaten a couple of kids but the world is still mostly ignorant.
Jackson is still missing.
Quote of the Show: "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope" when Laura sent a message to her ex via video-mail.

The Simpsons: Homer's Paternity Coot

Most shows that have lasted a long time takes special care not to make mistakes. But in this episode their was an obvious one. When Dr. Hibbard was announcing Homer's real dad there was a continuity error with Mason Fairbank's clothing.

As you see the doctor announces who Homer's father is,
everyone is shocked and Mason has a jacket and shirt.

Then Homer asks who Mason was and the doctor points him out,
and Mason is wearing the sweater from earlier in the episode.

Goofs like this are normal but on such highly rated show. Especially with all the computers now used this error should have been caught.

Cold Case: 8 years
I normally don't watch this show but a slew of Bruce Springsteen songs were used.
It was a very sad and good episode involving a twenty year old murder in New Jersey.
The music added a great element to the show the flashbacking was great.
This show was what Reunion wanted to be but Reunion failed.

Monday, January 09, 2006

TV Guide: Jan. 9-15

You cheating bastards. No, not you. TV Guide cheated me out of a chance to win fabulous prizes. Look at the cover picture it says 'WIN CASH IN OUR NCIS GIVEAWAY SWEEPSTAKES' but my subscription cover says 'SURPRISING PASSIONS REVEALED! 10 THINGS ALL FANS SHOULD KNOW'. How dare they not give me a chance to play, is it because I get TV Guide for free or is because I won one of their contest last year or is it because of racism. Hmmmm.

On the cover is Mark Harmon and NCIS. 4 pages about a show I don't watch.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Mr. Eko's backstory this Wednesday.
  • ER's Noah Wyle and Mekhi Phifer go to Africa for the show.
  • Christina Ricci on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Smallville has cast Lee Thompson Young as Cyborg.
  • The psuedo-gay guy on Four Kings was suppose to be gay but they rewrote it to straight guy.
  • Lorelai has a wedding dress for Gilmore Girls.
  • Anything To Win a documentary about cheating in sports Tuesday on GSN.
  • Monk starts Friday.
  • James Marsters returns to Smallville toward the end of the season.
  • Charmed beats Laverne & Shirley as the longest running female lead show in history.
  • A 24 catch-up-guide.
  • Sunday Jennifer Love Hewitt will be in an ABCFamilymovie.
New York Magazine: Jan 9
Once again just reading through and read an interview with Eliza Dusku of Tru Calling and Buffy fame. Very enlightening interview. She basically says that she did not like playing Faith in Buffy or Angel and thought it was a disappointing role. This is why she turned down a spin-off.
She also says that the Maxim spread she did was forced on her by the studio.
She's now doing an Off Broadway play about the evil Peanuts gang called Dog Sees God where she plays a pryomaniac Lucy. She is also shopping around for a better faith, as in better then the Mormon one she grew up in.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Freckin' Friday

Ghost Whisperer: Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
The Dead-Americans in Melindas life are getting more powerful and one even stopped the breath of a living man. Melinda seems unphased at being grabbed by strange men. But as usually she is fine and resolves everything. On a good note the Asian boy was back and lost the third-eye for ghost, the dead dog was back and her newest pet and the phantom ghost is back watching her.
Nice to see they sewn some holes on the show.

The Book Of Daniel: Temptation and Forgiveness
A priest, his drug selling daughter, his gay son, his adopted Asian son, a dead son, an alcoholic wife, a woman boss and a missing 3.2 million dollars walk in to a bar and pops some pills.
Skip to the punchline...and Jesus walks in and he's the comic relief.
A little bit of light is that Jesus said he used to talk to the priest father but stopped.
The show itself is well shot and acted with lots of New York soap and Oz actors and Neve Campbell's brother as the gay son but the show tries to hard to be edgy.

Stargate SG1: The Fourth Horseman
Still Ben Browder does nothing and the team talks sense to religious fanatics, now that is unrealistic.

Stargate Atlantis: The Hive
More evil queen aliens in a hive collective...hmmm sounds familiar.

Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship
The admiral is a family killing pyscho and they have to kill her but she has killing plans of her own. Nice tense episode. Still the strongest show on the line-up. Nothing gets resolved because everything is on hold while the two Battlestars prepare to attack a Cylon "Resurrection ship" filled with hot blond robot models.

Surface is repeating Mondays at 7pm/ET on Sci-Fi. Not my picture above but seemed right to steal.

Masters Of Horror: Fair Haired Child
A hot geek girl is kidnapped and going to be sacrifced to bring back some couple's son. Well she is sacrificed but the couple is then offered up to bring the hot geek girl back and the two kids live happily ever after.
A good episode overall.

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Thursday Line-Up

No more Joey, yes, wooooo yeah.

Four Kings: Pilot
Pilot episodes are the worst episodes of a show and this one is no different. They set up the show about four life long friends who inherit a beautifully large apartment in New York City and deice to live together. They are all now single and ready to move on to their next stage of life.
Seth Green is the funny angry one and the only thing worth watching. That guy from Commited is the main guy but not as funny as when he did Commited.

My Name Is Earl: Barn Burner
Earl's brother burns down a barn and Earl makes him do the list. Eventually Earl forgives him for ruining their future and takes the list back.
This was a dang funny episode with Catalina stealing most of the scenes. When asked what she feared the most she plainly says snakes..."snakes and rape". Also in another scene she speaks Spanish when responding to Joy. Let me translate what she said..."To all the Latino in the audience thanks for watching and for those non-Latinos thanks for taking the time and learning another language." I fell over laughing when she said that.

ER: If Not Now
The announcers for NBC should be tortured. All week long they announce the shock of what will happen to Dr. Neela will go down in ER history and then not only is it not on this week's episode it looks to be something stupif and boring.
As for the episode it was all about abortion and Dr. Abby keeping her baby. The only person I like in the show now is Dr. Morris played by Scott Grimes. I always liked him since his sci-fi horror days doing those Critters movies. Which comes back to the point that these Critters should eat the NBC announcers.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Guess Who I Saw?

I was coming home yesterday from a day of doing the whole tourist thing. After dropping her off at her train I took a train I never take and one stop later guess who walks in.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

Yeah that's right Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick walked on the train together.

Naysayer: Well where's the proof.
Man: Look I spent the day taking pics and had the camera in my pocket ready to go.
Naysayer: And you chickened out.
Man: No I like them both and thought it would be rude.
Naysayer: Sure, how did they look?
Man: Kevin was wearing a green bubble jacket, an orange wool cap and glasses. He looked very wrinkled and old. He looked thin and small.
Naysayer: And Kyra?
Man: She looked so much better in a wool coat no cap and she opened her coat and started adjusting her tight top and scarf.
Naysayer: Ooooh, did you see nip?
Man: Don't be a perv naysayer, she was very well dressed and nothing popped out.
Naysayer: How did they act?
Man: They weren't smiling and holding hands but they just seemed liking a typical NY couple taking the train. It was the same way I was all day hanging out with her. Close but trying to get through the windy wet day.
Naysayer: Who is this her you talked about?
Man: Shut up and move on.
Naysayer: So you said you started thos blog to get celeb pictures and at your first chance you chickened out.
Man: Well they only stayed for one stop and walked out. I decided that I would only take pics of celebs I like on their sets, you know when they film on the streets. No one was harassing them and they just seemed so comfortable taking the subway I don't want to the dick who ruined it.
Naysayer: Whatever now back to your shows and make it short.

Fear Factor: Pyscho Fear Factor 1
Couples and former couples do stunts at the Bates Motel. What I found interesting is that the majority of women were carryingthe guys. I never seen a group of such wimpy guys.

Scrubs: My Intern's Eye/My Right Of Passage
The first episode was much funnier then the second. Everyone's is back and doing well except for Dr. Reid who was let go of her new hospital.

Law & Order: SVU: Infected
Malcolm David Kelley of Lost plays a kid who saw his mom getting shot by a rapist and then he kills the guy. A very strong episode and the court room stuff was great with Judith Light as a defendant and judge. This show does get better every episode.

Naysayer: What about Arrested Development?

Man: I saw it and taped it but it was so layered and funny I need to watch it again to give it it's on post.

Naysayer: You heard Lindsay Lohan admitted being a bulimic and drug user during her asthma attack.
Man: Hey I don't talk about that here. No gossip please.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Monday's Back

Surface: Episode 11
Rich and Laura are out of the water and getting swamped by reporters on the way to the hospital. The duo is trying to outrun the bad guys and at the same time distribute the videotape of the sea monsters. With help from a tech guy they upload the video to the internet and then get an interview with MSNBC.
Laura appears on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Olbermann makes fun of her story and video but the internet freaks are downloading the vid like crazy.
Along with the MSNBC tie-in the duo went crazy when they see McDonald's.
At the hotel Rich and Laura are about to be caught by some men lurking outside the door.

Meanwhile Miles is all better and goes to see Nimrod and brings the creature back to life. The aquarium brings in an all-star egghead team to study Nim. Miles gets blocked out and turns to a little hot troublemaker who turns out to be the lead egghead's daughter.
The daughter gets Miles to break some rules and gets fired. Miles walks away upset and starts causing electrical problems.

In the previews we see Miles transforming into the creature and the animals being found out to be artificial.

Jackson is still missing.

Las Vegas: Bait and Switch
50 diamonds are lost during a rap video shoot and they get recovered in some nasty place.
Hot Chocolate is a male stripper turning everybody on.
And the guy from Enterprise is cheating at craps.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet II
Again someone quits, the hot one Gisela. Mostly crap episode.

From last week Primetime: 2005 Caught On Tape
One thing I like about New York is that we don't have our shows interrupted by police chases and airport mishaps.
The rest of the country especially L.A. sees these go-nowhere chases. Luckily in New York we don't have this or cameras in court rooms, I hate Court TV.

TV Guide: Jan. 2-8

Same with Arrested Development.

On the cover Without A Trace with stars Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio & Anthony LaPaglia. There is a four page article but since I don't watch the show I can care less.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • The battle between The Simpsons and Family Guy will continue.
  • David Boreanz doesn't have a TiVo and doesn't want one.
  • Lost was about to be called Nowhere.
  • Scrubs behind the scenes.
  • Edward James Olmos want sthe last episode of Battlestar Galactica to have them land on Earth and then Prez. Bush nuke the "aliens".
  • David Conrad of Ghost Whisperer doesn't buy the premise of his show.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy Freakin' New Years

Ok I'm back Happy New Year.

I left TiVo recording two different New Years specials.

Dick Clark's New Year Rockin' Eve 2006
Bad singers, Ryan Seascrest and a very healthy Mariah Carey was no distraction for a sad Dick Clark. After a stroke that nearly killed Clark he had to relearn speech, walking and basically everything we take for granted.
Clark was there for on and a half hours. He slurred his L words and moved one side of his body easier them the other yet still sounded better then Hillary Duff.

NY1's Times Square Coverage
NY1 is a 24 hour news cable station famous in New York. They cover the Times Square ball drop live with only a few interviews and the crowd speaking to the camera. It is nicer and more genuine then the other specials.
What was truly funny is that a group of Mexicans, one in a wheel chair, were yelling Happy New Years to the camera and let out a happy "Shit Yeah".

NBC had Wanda Sykes and Carson Daly being tools on TV.

CBS had nothing but a repeat of CSI.

Mo' Money Links

Mo" Money

TV is educational. If you can't learn something everyday your box is broken.