Saturday, July 01, 2006

John Doe for kids

Kyle XY: Pilot
This is a kids show for ABC Family which is why I wasn't going to watch it Mondays at 8 or 9 pm. Then ABC gave it it last night on their real network. So I started watching it.

To my surprise it was quite good. They have more adult themed issues then I would've given ABCFamily credit.

Kyle XY wakes up naked in the middle of a forest covered in goo, like John Doe minus the goo. He narrates everything for us and all the experiences he has are new.

By the time he reaches a town he gets arrested and thrown into a juvenile detention center. He learns how to eat and pee and makes enemies. They give him the name John Doe.

A doctor is called in and she takes him into her home for a while despite the fact the teenager is unstable and has no belly button. Nicole Trager the mom falls for the boy quickly, the daughter who is sleeping with her boyfriend and drinking becomes close to him, the son thinks he is an alien and the father doesn't care much for him.

Here is the most uncomfortable part of the show.

All in all it was a good pilot episode as long as they don't make this show too kid safe it may be good. Remeber that is how the ruined Happy Days.

I will add the family gave him the name Kyle.


  1. I could have done without some of the racier elements, considering that it was on ABC Family. I made the mistake of letting my kids watch it without screening it first. I could handle the underaged drinking, but the porno mag and the "hand down my pants" remark was a bit much for me. I like the plot, but if they are going to make it racier they need to move it to a later hour. I'm old school -- TV shows that come on at 8p should be kid-safe, especially on a supposed family channel.

  2. It also shocked me,it was odd that they did give it at 9pm on ABC but 8pm on ABCFamily.


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