Sunday, July 30, 2006

Drugs Are Good

The 4400:The Ballad of Kevin and Tess
The only thing interesting was seeing Summer Glau from Firefly/Serenity. Her and the crazy doctor are using Diana and trying to transform her to a 4400 but she doesn't want to. The Doctor turned into one of the 4400 with no lasting side effects. All of this transforming was done using Promicin injected every day.
Also we find out Promicin is extracted from Isabelle's blood.

I love the fact that all Sci-Fi liquid is always glowing green. I've done many science experiments and projects and only used green glowing liquid once and that was to make a flexible light.


  1. Sweetie, you know that promycin is florescent green because dull reddish-brown wouldn't look as otherworldly on screen :-).

    I'm a little mad at the writers of "The 4400" because it looks like they are setting up Tom and Diana to fall for each other. Why else would they have Diana break up with the geek and send Tom's five-minute wife away? I'm disappointed that they couldn't just let the geek get the girl he wants. On TV, geeky guys always seem to be paired with quirky girls.

  2. Yeah all the geeksalways get the wierd girl.
    I remeber seeing it in Alias and Benson.

  3. wait...i thought the 4400 was supposed to be about missing people?

  4. The 4400 was about missing people who came back with mutant powers like the X-Men.

    It has taken a more sci-fi turn since the original mini-series.


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