Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sci-Fi Is Back. Ho-Hum.

Stragate SG-1 True Science
This was a promotional documentary of Stargate hosted by Amanda Tapping and including scientist explaining what was possible from the show. It was a one sided documentary but still nice enough.

Stargate SG-1: Flesh and Blood

Vala gives birth to a girl infused with Ori badness. Meanwhile the rest of the crew is battling the best special effects in years and losing. Everyone survives butVala leaves her daughter behind.

Typical of sci-fi these days they outgrew the kid from newborn to teenager in one episode about 12 hours.

Stargate: Atlantis
Earth is the target of The Wraith and they only hope is the crew of Atlantis. While stopping the ship they lose their own but decide to transform the Wraith ship to something more human friendly.

The effects on both episodes were great, space fighting is always cool but the storylines are falling short.


  1. You may say "ho-hum", but my husband is SO happy that "Stargate: Atlantis" is back. I'm not really a fan myself. I just look up occasionally while he is watching it.

    As for super-speedy baby growgth, I don't think the writers have much of a choice. SF shows get cancelled at the speed of light if they don't show promise quickly so they have to bring out the big guns early. Take "The 4400", for example. It would have been cool to see Isabelle using her powers while still a toddler. Wondering what she could be thinking would add to the suspense. Unfortunately, networks and viewers can be fickle so the writers didn't have time to pursue the slow burn approach. They had to bring the conflict front and center quickly to keep everyone interested.

    BTW, on my blog I'm not doing the YouTube thing the same way you are. I'm not that tech-savvy :-). I found the video I wanted on the site and pasted the code into my entry. If I had to record it myself, it would never happen!

  2. I'm also far from tech-savvy but I love trying all that stuff even when I fail miserably.

    I just saw a repeat of Smallville where they had a newborn grow to adulthood and death. Please writers out there stop.


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