Friday, July 07, 2006

The World Keeps Turning

Emmy winning Benjamin Hendrickson from As The World Turns fame died in his Huntington home on Saturday.

The death was an apparent suicide. Hendrickson was still depressed after the death of mother from cancer in 2003. The storyline of his on screen duaghter dying seemed to make his depression worse and he killed himself with a single gun shot to the head.

I have been watching Hal Munson on this soap for over 20 years. He was an excellent actor and I always wanted to see him in a major motion picture. Here is one of his quotes, "To my mom, who scrimped and saved to send me to Juilliard to study the classics - I'm sorry," it was from his daytime Emmy acceptence speech.

With some soap actors you can tell that they hated being in such a lowly role, you can tell their frustration from not moving on. Hendrickson was one of those.

One thing I hope is that he is not replaced by Randolph Mantooth, who replaced him before. Honor his legacy by killing of the character because if he is just replaced then his suicide will seem justified.

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  1. oh poor guy, i have been an on and off soap watcher...and i do feel badly for the ones that never move on...though they migh have the tallent.


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