Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Stephen King Batting .500

Nightmares and Dreamscapes: Umney's Last Case
Usually William H. Macy is strong in his preformances but this one was beyond saving. A writer of bad 1930s detective novels loses his son and escapes into his own book. Stphen King did the same in the Dark Tower. His charcter then enters the real world and traps the writer in his own work.

Not the best I fell asleep.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes: The End of the Whole Mess
This one is much better. A documentary film maker in November 25, 2011 documents his last hour and what led to a massive catastrophe. He relives his life and explains how his brother lived his. After 9/11 the the younger brother played by Henry Thomas gets inspired to cure meaness. He finds a town with zero anger and uses its healing waters to drop in a volcano and bring on world peace. He succeeds with his older brothers help. The world is fine for a while then early Alzheimer's sets in. The world is turning silly and nothing can stop it. Feeling the guilt the brothers agree to a suicide pack leaving only the tape for some unknown survivor, if any, to find.

This episode was brilliant and well acted.

I can get older Daytime Dollars code if they are needed.
Today July, 18 2006
Guiding Light
Mandy Bruno
"Marina Cooper"

As The World Turns
"Jack Synder"


  1. I haven't seen this new Stephen King project. It just didn't capture my interest from the commercials, and I am trying not to add a lot of new shows to my schedule. Darn that "Kyle XY" for getting stuck in my head!

    You asked on my blog about The Company series. There are six books in the series so far with two more on the way. You said that a series called Dark Tower drove you crazy. Did you feel like the story was stretched out too far, or what?

  2. Yes "Kyle XY" did the same for me, I accidently watched the first episode on ABC and now I'm recording the Mondays episode.

    The Dark Tower series started out strong but then the 5th book just started to stretch out and slow down the pace. By the last book every step the characters took were drawn out.

    It is still a good series.

  3. That's why I usually don't start reading a series until it is completed. I can put up with slow pacing if I have the next book in hand.


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