Friday, July 14, 2006

A Celebration Of Aussies

Happy Birthday Luisa!

I just noticed I know little about Australia, I don't who's your leader, what your political system or what you did to to the natives of your land.

But why learn all that I do know of certain actors born in Australia and working in American TV. Yes there are plenty of big screen actors but I'm focusing on the small screen. All the actor of Australian birth currently on television.

Rachel Griffiths, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, of Six Feet Under fame has a new show on ABC this fall called Brothers & Sisters co-starring fellow Aussie Jonathan LaPaglia, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, and John Pyper-Ferguson, Mordiallic, Australia. The series is an hour long drama. The show is also rumored to star Sally Field.

Then we have Emilie de Ravin, Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia, of Lost and Roswell fame. One of the hottest Aussies in this hemisphere.

Claudia Black, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, formerly of Farscape and now on Stargate: SG 1.

Jacqueline McKenzie, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia of The 4400 and Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (episode: "Umney's Last Case").

Anthony LaPaglia, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia along with Without A Trace co-star Poppy Montgomery, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Quickly you notice two things. First most of the actors are women and hot women at that. Second most of these shows are science fiction. I think it is because it is cheaper to film sci-fi in Australia.

I'm sure I missed a few so let me know of any US-TV famous Australian actors I forgot.


  1. aww well that was very nice, and pretty much it...oh wait no, Jesse Spencer (Melbourne, Australia) is on House! oh and Greg whats his name on Dharma and Greg was from Melbourne too.
    i dont think there are many other Aussie which are US-TV famous. Of course we do have movie stars like Nicole Kidman, Russle Crowe, Heath Ledger etc.
    Thanks for the birthday well wishes, how did you know? oh i probably whined about it somewhere on my blog hahahaha


    Luisa xoxo

  2. Yes you said it a week ago on your site.

    That's right the guy from House is an Aussie.

    But according to his bio Greg(Thomas Gibson) from that show is American.


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