Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Week 1



William Hurt plays an assassin who kills a toymaker and then gets some evil toys in return. Hurt gets the old fashioned plastic green men who spend the night trying to kill him. They after Hurt kills the troops he missed one commando carrying a nuclear device that blows him up. Great episode.

The best part of this episode is that not one word was spoken. No commercials, no dialogue and very little computer effects.

The episode was directed by Brian Henson , of Henson puppet fame. He used real men dressed in plastic costumes and it looked great. None of that computer-effects crap you see in the next episode.
This story was originally in Skeleton Crew.

Crouch End

Not as good as the first one. A couple go to England and end up in a town that is a crossway between dimensions. The husband is lost to monsters.

Lots of computer effects that looked fake.

Off Topic: I just heard that Raven-Symone will star in the remake of Adventures in Babysitting the original babysitter was Elizabeth Shue. That movie and book was one of my favorites of all my childhood and was near perfect in every way now this no talent Disney kid is going to remake it, without the original director Chris Columbus.


  1. Raven is that bad an actress. She did a pretty good job in that Lifetime movie about the high school that had the segregated prom. Her Disney show is dreck because that is what amuses the kids.

  2. Raven is very over the top, she tends to over act the few times I've seen her but you do make a point it is for Disney and that's what they want.


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