Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nightmarish Shows

Remember tonight on TNT at 9pm EST is the premiere of NIGHTMARES & DREAMSCAPES: FROM THE STORIES OF STEPHEN KING. It is the only show I've been waitng for this humid and sticky TV season.
Two episodes air tonight the first commercial free.
Wednesday, July 12, 9:00PM ET
Battleground TV-14-V
After murdering the owner of a toy company, a killer for hire played by William Hurt receives a package of toy soldiers in the mail, but these soldiers aren't just toying around.
Wednesday, July 12, 10:00PM ET
Crouch End TV-PG-V
Eion Bailey and Claire Forlani star in this story of a young American couple honeymooning in London who find themselves trapped in an alternate world.

The book I've been reading Dark Tower VII by Stephen King seems to be getting longer each time I pick it up. This 800+ page densly packed book is good but as some people know King can stretch a fart onto twelve pages.

Also I saw.
Rescue Me: Zombies
Zombies refers to one of the firemen who takes some sleeping pills and has a sleepwalking adventure in the city scaring and offending everyone he meets.
Tommy is stuck in four way love/lust triangle that includes Marisa Tomei.

While I still can't forgive the character Tommy after his "happy-rape" of his soon to be ex-wife you still see how he his haunted by images from his past.

Leary has made comments that he wants the show to end in a massacre , killing off most of the cast. That would be great as long as Tommy goes to because there should be some price to the way he lived his life, at least poetically.

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