Sunday, July 30, 2006

Someone's Connected

I keep losing my cable connection which is dumb because the heat wave just started and I and the rest of New York City have been spending time unplugging stuff just to avoid the 10 day blackout in Queens. When I lose cable I have no TV or internet but since my phone is separate then I always have it, too bad I tend to avoid most calls.

Back to TV.

Stargate SG-1: The Pegasus Project

Richard KindI like when they combine two shows and they did for this episode. The crew of SG-1 visits the crew of Atlantis to rig a blackhole between the Ori supergate.
The problem they are getting surrounded by the Wraith and the Ori which are superior in every way.
But like good renegades they destroyed both enemies and manage to establish a black hole gate.
Very funny episode and the two crews really got along great it wasn't awkward at all.

Stargate Atlantis: Irresistible

Richard Kind guest stars as a man that can make anyone fall for him. Everyone who meets him gradually becomes addicted to him. Except for Shepard who has a cold, yet still is going out on missions. Eventually they isolate the cause of his charming ways and cure the whole village and Atlantis. They return Kind's character to the village for an unkown fate but I wouldn't be surprised to see him again.

Damn it happened again no sevice for twenty minutes.

I couldn't record Monk and it was getting good.

I can get older Daytime Dollars code if they are needed.
Today July, 24 2006
Guiding Light
Dark hair girl.

As The World Turns

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