Monday, July 31, 2006

Kyle Nothing Solved

Kyle XY: Blame It On The Rain
I sort of remember that last week they said all our questions would get answered, I must have amnesia.
Kyle has a dream/memory of some guy. He then gets a visit from Declan who is running away from hit and run. It's Lori's birthday and everyone is gathered at the Trager house as a storm goes over and the lights go out.
Kyle guesses one wrong thing about the weather but predicts eveything else. He later gets upset when Josh doesn't stop making fun of him.
Only toward the end do we see the guy in Kyle's dream is a missing professor which leads Mom Trager to contact the police.

Is it me or do Kyle and the mother make a cute couple they are always hugging.

Treasure Hunters: Founding Fathers
Miss USA is out and there is one more episode until the big prize.

Attack of The Show: 7/31/06
Oliva Munn quote of the day: " friends...I'll take a picture of me in stir-ups." trying to justify sending pics of her at the gyncologist office getting examined. One was shown and was only of her tanned legs the other was not suitable for TV.

Daytime Dollar Codes-7/31/06
Guiding Light-6O4BHX-Older guy.
As The World Turns-3ODV45-Jack


  1. Bebop7:30 AM

    Ha ha, I thought at one point amidst their hugfest in another episode that he was going to kiss her. Alas it never happened. It's a good show, and insightful review

  2. Thank you, I try


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