Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kyle and Friends

Kyle XY: This Is Not a Test
Kyle goes to school and starts stuff. First we see a teacher give an impossibly hard math problem to his students to solve by the end of the semester for an A.
Now this is a geek fantasy that never happens. Nerds all over the world would love for a techer to do this but it never happens I know I've taken 50 math, science and physics classes in the last three years.
Of course Kyle solves it in less then a few minutes.
He must take a test to enter school but decides to explore the school instead. He meets a geek in the lunchroom, reads the encyclopedia, falls down some steps and beats a bully. After that he finishes the test and gets a mentor in the math teacher.

Meanwhile Lori gets closer to her one night stand and loses all her friends. Josh is stuck in dumb classes and is acting like a dick.

Stalker Thomas Foss sets up cameras in the house and gets a job as a security guard for the neighborhood.

This show gets better every episode and the previews for next week shows Kyle getting some memories back. It's moving pretty fast.

Treasure Hunters: The Man Behind the Mask
The Evil-Fogal are gone. Apparently no one ever watched a movie about buried treasure and maps because it took them a while to do the old fire plus map equal hidden clue trick.

I can get older Daytime Dollars code if they are needed.
Today July, 24 2006
Guiding Light
Short hair guy.

As The World Turns
"Will Munson"


  1. Matt Dallas, the actor who plays Kyle, was on The View and he said that the audience would find out Kyle's origins by the end of this season. I read that only 10 episodes were ordered so we should be pretty close to finding out the truth. At least if it gets cancelled we won't be left with a cliffhanger.

  2. Well it's about time I hate watching a show without getting a resolution.

    I'm still waiting for the end of Surface, Carnivale and American Gothic.


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