Monday, July 24, 2006

Seriously ABC Family?

Aaron Corbett, an orphaned 18 year old, finds out he's a Nephilim. Which is a half human half angel. If that wasn't bad enough he is the redeemer a special Nephilim that can restore fallen angels allowing them to re-enter the other world.
Aaron has cool adopted parents an autistic adopted brother and a spunky dog. He quickly learns the beneifts of being angelic. He can talk in every language including animal. His dog won't shut up after an dog-meets-car accident he learns how to heal. His guide is another fallen angel played by the great Tom Skerritt.
Now the bad part about being a half breed is that other angels are out to kill him and anyone who has contact with him.
There were some amazing battles and Aaron must accept his new life and leave his family.

I thought this was a series but it is a one time movie with a six hour conclusion coming out in the Summer of 2007. There also is some interactive part online , also I can't get the page to open, but I probably won't bother playing.

ABC Family is really spending some big bucks on these fantasy shows that are not quite kid friendly. I like that.
Next up is Three Moons Over Milford which looks like a Picket Fences with a broken moon.


  1. My husband was seriously pissed off when he found out that there was another movie that wasn't being aired until next year. He is not a reader, but he was actually going to try reading the books when he found that out. Unfortunately, our library doesn't have them.

    Anyway, why on earth would you show the first part of a miniseries when you are going to show the conclusion 12 months later? That is craziness.

  2. beef and bout ghost whispherer i have no idea whos who

  3. Dani it's crazy how that network picks shows. Until lately I never watched that channel but they seem to be searching for an audience with the kids, adults, religious and Sci-Fi groups.

    Amayax I tried the lamb and did not like it. If you say beef is good then I'll give it a second chance.

  4. lol dude m new to blogspot so ca u tell me how to change the ''edit me'' link and how to get a guestbook x.x

  5. As for the edit me link here is a great article


    And here's one for guest books

  6. ABC Family has taken a strange direction in the past year. Their original movies used to be light romantic comedies on Sunday nights. Then they started added more sex and violence. I like some of it, but I think they are losing focus. In the past when a channel started going crazy with programming, a name change usually came right after. Remember when The Nashville Network morphed into Spike TV?


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