Monday, July 10, 2006

TV Surfing Gone Bad

I've been watching such crap that I would never watch if I had a night time job or if the networks would start giving goood shows. The only reason I started watching the 3 shows below is because I accidently caught the first episode now I can't stop.

Kyle XY: The Lies That Bind
Kyle learns to lie from his family, at least that's the message I got. We also see a new ability he can leap from buildings in a single bound. The mom starts putting his puzzles together and knows he is somehow invovled in a murder.

Treasure Hunters: The teams seeks messages from the past.
The Brown family is down one man after a torn muscle, damn gravity. All the other teams are doing good but the Geniuses are about to leave one of their own behind because he his horribly out of shape.

Lucky Louie: Control
Louie's wife controls his eating habit and it stresses him until she sees him eat and that gives her worse stress.
Luckily there is no nudity this week.

One thing I noticed about this show is all the prices or money discussed is unrealistic. The show seems like it is stuck in the 1980s the apartment is too cheap and the grocery bills are low. I guess that was the last time Louie CK had to worry about money.


  1. we have none of those 3 shows in Australia. i think im glad hahaha. we have enough aussie TV crap without US shows cramping their style.

  2. Your lucky, I'm an addict I need my daily fix of TV shows if not I feel incomplete.

  3. I got the same impression that you did from that episode of "Kyle XY". I couldn't believe how Kyle lied to protect his friend and said that he knew it was the right thing to do! That scene convinced me that I did the right thing by not letting my kids watch it.

  4. Kyle XY is a good show for 10pm on a network or cble channel but I don't see how it is kid friendly.


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