Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eureka, No Gold Struck

Sci-Fi Channel Eureka's MarshallEureka: Pilot
Cartoonish show about a town full of geniuses working for the government. A US Marshall escorts his criminal daughter to her mother when they crash and get caught up in a small town drama. The town of Eureka is kept hidden by the government and the people there work on wacky experiments. There is a guiding dog who helps people.
In this pilot the big threat is time holes popping up everywhere and the Marshall must figure out who is doing and who can stop it.
Of course his lack of smarts comes in handy and he saves the world and gets promoted to new town sheriff.

I doubt I'll watch this show again. It's awful.

Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-list
Kathy is busy whoring herself in Vegas. She also gets silly with her dogs.
But the best part is watching her husband who stole her money and now they're gatting divorced. He has some underlying rage at the "gays" but it could easily be toward her, the cameras and the dogs.

Rescue Me: Satisfaction
Tommy gets some from his ex then from Marisa Tomei and the gets date-raped by Sheila. Honestly this guy has some huge sexual issues all stemming from the death of his kid but being in AA is ruining his chance for real recovery.

Attack of the Show: July 19, 2006
Olivia Munn G4
Olivia Munn the new co-host of this show has verbal diarrhea I noticed this a while back. She tells us about her first time, her boyfriend with the small weiner that she dumped and every hole that she allows guys to fill. Not to mention allowing her co-host to remove her bra and dump raw eggs in her mouth.

Today she shared how her Asian mother used to beat her.
I think I need to start posting her quotes because they are hilarious.
Today's quote: "Beat your kids like you're a small Asian woman like my mother."

Someone asked me to post these Daytime Dollars code, I don't have the older codes but I'll start putting the new ones starting...
Today July, 17 2006
Guiding Light
Frank Dicopoulos
"Frank Cooper"

As The World Turns
Terry Colombino
"Katie Peretti"

Good luck in your Daytime Dollars.com game.


  1. OMG, I am so glad that I stopped watching "Attack of the Show". I even took the channel off of my favorites list so that I am not tempted. I kept watching G4 long after it stopped being about computers, hoping that a little tech tidbit would show up. It was such a waste of time. The only show I like on that network now is "Brainiac".

    My husband likes "Eureka". I agree with you that it is a little silly. TV is my husband's main relaxation tool and most of his favorites are either cancelled or on summer hiatus, so he will watch practically anything.

  2. I also use TV to relax that is why when my semster starts and I'm up until 3:00 in the morning doing some Engineering project I still take ten minutes and watch some sitcom.

    I'm not into video games and I can't go out with friends because I'm at home crunching numbers. So TV is always away to cool your head.

    And I understand your husband now that I have some free time there is nothing great to watch.


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