Monday, July 17, 2006

Kyle "SEX"-Y

Kyle XY: Diving In
They finally started this show with a disclaimer about mature content. It was rated TV-14 SVU or something like that.

Kyle likes a girl and it shows. He gets an erection and his fake dad must teach him about the birds and the bees but Josh teaches him to be a master of his own domain. Josh pulls out his dirty-nudie mags and tells Kyle how to relieve an erection.

Yes this is on ABC Fanily and it is supposed to be a kid's show, I think. Oh well I find it entertaining.

Kyle's love Amanda finds him weird but still he learns art from her and then has his heart broken when he sees she has a boyfriend.

Meanwhile Lori loses her virginity to her on and off again boyfriend/friend in the bushes. Then is called a slut but her best slutty friend.

If that wasn't enough then young Josh goes skinny dipping with a big breasted girl his own age. He then gets busted but there is no punishment.. but the naked young girl gets wrapped in a towel by some old guy. Which I found strange.

As for Kyle stalker Russ, Thomas is a guy who worked in "The Company" with a secret agenda. He retires but his boss keeps bugging him about a secret Kyle file then Thomas kills his boss.

Treasure Hunter: Teams Face a Dilemma
This one was very physical and that is not good for the Browns. Our favorite fat family gets eliminated far from the next clue.

Someone asked me to post these Daytime Dollars code, I don't have the older codes but I'll start putting the new ones starting...
Today July, 17 2006
Guiding Light
John Driscoll
"Henry 'Coop' Bradshaw"

As The World Turns
Maura West
"Carly Snyder"

Good luck in your Daytime game.


  1. You were talking about an episode arc with "Monk" to clear up the mystery of his wife's murder. I think the writers of "Kyle XY" should do something similar. It seems clear that they want to make this show a coming-of-age story with a fish-out-of-water angle. The mystery of his origins is getting in the way. They should do a a two or three episode arc where they say something like "He was created in a lab and he has knowledge locked in his head that could get people killed", then they find the bad guys and put them in jail. Kyle is then left to live with the Tragers and the angle would be to watch him learn how to be normal. The creepy stalker part of the show doesn't fit and shouldn't be dragged out.

  2. I think they might do that I also think that the stalker maybe be his father.

    But I'm just guessing, this little show is getting interesting.


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