Sunday, July 02, 2006

The 4395

The 4400: Gone:Part II
Maia is gone but still haunting everyones dream. Using Alana's dream powers Tom and Diana remember Maia but Diana is so heart broken she stays in the dream world.
Tom calls the future people by trying to kill himself. The future people sent the 5 missing kids to the 1800s but agreed to bring them back only if Tom accomplished a secret mission. Tom agrees, the mission is to kill Isabelle with a future syringe.

Throughout the episode they kept calling it The 4400 but if 5 of them were erased then wouldn't it change to The 4395.

A cool part is when Marco researched the 1800-Maia he mentions that they had moon colonies and synthetic-petroleum. Meaning putting the 5 kids in the past advanced mankind by hundreds of years.

The Dead Zone: Panic

Johnny Smith must save a neighbor boy and his own family when some mafia guys find a witness in his neighborhood. No surprise he saves them all.


  1. Don't forget that they have killed some of the 4400 in the first few seasons. It is probably more like the 4350 by now :-).

    I'm glad that they returned Maia. I wasn't surprised that the order was to kill Isabelle because there is something not right about her.

  2. I agree I want the cute baby Isabelle back, that kid was adorable.

  3. I have to say, however, that the actress playing the grown Isabelle has the best butt I have ever seen on TV. OMG! It should have been illegal to show her in those lace tap pants last week.


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