Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sci-Fi Better

Stargate SG-1: Morpheus
This was a funny and gripping episode.
The funny came with a overly cheerful Vala trying to pass a psychological test. At first she tries cheating her way through but after feeling as she would fail she quits. This act plus agreeing not to be a spy lands her a job in Stargate Command.
The gripping was with an away mission goes wrong. The team along with some "red shirts" go to a planet were a parasite infects them and gives them a sleeping disease. The red shirts die but the rest of team falls asleep only to be rescued by a second team that went there to cure them. It was nice to see the team completely fail.

Stargate Atlantis: Misbegotten
The crew of Atlantis are happy with a new ship but are feeling some guilt over having to abandon some human-former-Wraith. These former Wraith eventually get there memories back and stage a coup. The crew loses there new ship but manage to blow up the former Wraith, at least that is what they believe,. No bodies could be found.

Monk: Mr. Monk and the Big Game

A very funny episode has Monk investigating a school teachers death. He must help coach a basketball game and gets a whistle. The whole whistle scene in the camp area was hilarious. Imagine someone with OCD given a whistle.
With lots of help from Natalie he solves the case but loses the big game, which ws so perfectly sad.

Psych: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
I'll just say there was a brief second when the fake-psychic was explaining how he determined a fake hand-writing. It was much more fascinating then the crappy psychic storyline.
They should drop the psychic bit and just call him an expert.

They did this before on a Steven Weber show called Cursed. Weber was a guy with a gypsey curse to have bad luck, that premise was so dumb it was dropped after the pilot and improved the show that only lasted a few episodes. It was renamed The Weber Show.

I can get older Daytime Dollars code if they are needed.
Today July, 18 2006
Guiding Light
Short hair guy.

As The World Turns
Jennifer Landon

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