Friday, June 30, 2006

Lily Got Groped

Just testing this whole YouTube thing so I'll start with this post.

On Jue 23, 2006 the news reported on Operation Exposure, a crackdown on subway perverts by the New York City Police Department.

While doing interviews about women who have been groped or flashed in the subways they interviewed Leven Rambin an actress who plays Lily Montgomery on All My Children. She also starred in the short andd contraversial Book of Daniel on NBC.

Here is two sound bites of her interview.

I'm surprised no one else saw this or recognized her, she was being interviewed by her own station, ABC.

Please excuse the quality of the video this my first. It didn't hurt much but with practice I'll get better. I have a TiVo and a digital camera yet I still don't know the best way to tranfer videos without a PC/TV tuner.

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