Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Six Feet Under

"Singing For Our Lives" was the name of this season defining episode of Six Feet Under. All of the characters get to a calm and happy stage of their lives, except for Nate. A planned expansion of Fishers and Diaz gets stalled because of three opposing opinions. Nate wants eco-friendly green funerals, David wants a crematorium and Rico wants another Spanish speaker.
After sneaking into their foster brats school play last week the older brat pulls a knife on Keith he removes all sharp objects and becomes more patient and understanding. Keith learns that the reason the older kid is acting up is because he is sure that the home is only temporary. During a plastic knife dinner everyone is calm and growing close.
While Rico talks to dead people the dead Mexican tells him to drop hie Puerto Rican wife and get a Mexican because the very subservient and easily controlled not strong like Real Hispanics. Rico goes back home to confront Vanessa and she finally breaks down and say she loves him but may never get over the affair. So they laugh and go out for dinner.
Ruth finds Hiram(Ed Begley Jr.) after a four year absence and they get it on.
Claire takes office guy to an art exhibit and meets everyone from her past and feels fine after seeing how no one has grown and her ex Russell(Ben Foster) is still a psycho who goes nuts in the gallery.
Nate, Nate, Nate he forces Brenda to go to the Quaker church and leaves her high and dry while he sleeps with Maggie, George's daughter, very religious of her. After the deed he has an attack and faints. No next week episode preview and all TiVo says is "Nate brings the family together", kind of cryptic.
HBO, the writers or whomever all have really started to pull it the show together.

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