Friday, July 29, 2005

Brat Camp: Faked

Not fixed like Kelly Monaco's win on Dancing With Stars but not true to the timeline.
This episode of ABC's Brat Camp starts off on day 21, 17 days until Christmas. They are doing their ritual of the morning they gather the camping equipment and fold it up neatly within 5-minutes. The brats had yet to succeed until today they finished with 30 seconds to spare.
Soon their happiness ended as cold rain started making the snow on the ground wet, heavy and muddy. Lexie, the only person with any real problems, is wallowing in the mud and the fake-Indian staff tries to motivate her. During her one-on-one with the shrink she admits she doesn't believe she's worthy of praise or love, after being molested by a family friend.
While all this was happening Nick 14, Seattle,WA had a small spot on his face like always.
Now they are all blindfolded and led to Smith Rock a beautiful cliff over looking a river valley. They are told they are going to repel down the side of the mini-cliff but will not be forced to do so. Jada, the best, quickly volunteers to go repel first and after 1,000 "Oh my God" she safely makes it to the bottom. Lauren is next and so on until little Derek. Derek had nervous energy at the top pacing back and forth, but when he is strapped in the harness the boy freezes admitting he's scared. Although the staff tried everything short of forcing him, which they would of if it wasn't for the cameras, Derek quits. Lexie is up and freaks out she crys for a while and gets down the cliff crying all the way, showing some courage since she fears everything.
While all this was happening Nick 14, Seattle,WA had a huge red and crusty spot on his face that seemed to be partially covered in ointment.
Lauren 17, Davis,CA is breaking down because December is the time of year her father died when she was 11 years old. Her father was buried on Christmas Eve andshe is constantly here his voice in her head as she asks god why. This is the reason she claims to to drugs to get the voices out of her head.
Next it is day 25 and the brats must learn primitive fire using a bow and wooden drill to light dry brush. Isaiah 17, Winton,CA and the white-jock-fake-Indian that calls himself "Fire Shaper" are getting on each others nerve. Isaiah is a fire bug and as one likes to burn things so he's put in charge of the fire. They all learn the techniques of bow-rilling and the first to make fire....Isaiah.
The rest follow suit except for Nick.
While all this was happening Nick 14, Seattle,WA had a small spot on his face that seemed to be slightly dirty.
Nick is dyslexic but more than that he's also stupid not knowing how to multiply 5 and 3 to get 15. Since he's dyslexic and with a weak mother he has not been forced to learn, making him dumber than your average dyslexic. He also pulled a knife on his nerdy twin brother. Jada on the other hand finds him cute and loves his pinchable cheeks and also finds him stupid. After everyone laughs at his stupidity the staff encourages him not to give up on making fire. While the first sparks of Nicks fire start you notice a bright red injury to his cheek.
The next the campers do is receive beads of honor for what they accomplished, Lexie got one for conquering her fear of heights and Nick got one for not giving up. More bead s may be given in future episodes.

Now Nick's cheek coloring must of happened during the middle of the fire making because when they stared he did not have and when they finished during the beading he also didn't have it. It could have been dirt or an injury but it is clear that it jumped around every commercial break meaning the timeline wasn't kept. Now that I noticed it I look for it throughout future episodes.

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