Sunday, July 17, 2005

Six Feet Under

"The Silence", Nate is continuing to be cold towards Brenda while at the same time growing closer to Maggie, George's daughter. After Brenda gets a scare that her unborn child mat have Down Syndrome or another genetic disease Nate wants her to get a second test and flush it. " You don't think I wanted to abort you & Billy" was Brenda's mother response to Nate's feelings. Eventually Nate and Brenda continued fighting while Maggie got in the middle becoming closer to Nate.
David and Keith became closer to their two foster kids.
Claire found someone interesting to keep her occupied at work, it's a scuzzy guy.
Ruth is finally getting what she deserves. After trying to keep busy by going to cultural events she gets invited to a party. She brings over some potato salad even after being told not to, and makes a fool of herself. It was a classy party and Ruth was out place, after telling her one friend to leave her alone she flushes the salad down the toilet and leaves. George calls Ruth and tells her he's getting remarried.
Another Dead Like Me connection, after last week's clone storyline for Claire, this time Cynthia Stevenson played George's fiancee. Ruth barged in her office and told her about ever crazy thing George did bringing the fiancee to tears. "Do I look like a crazy person?" Ruth asked "A little" replied the fiancee. Ruth said she did this to save another woman from her pain but George just thought she was being petty and jealous.
Vanessa and Rico are like two cold fish.

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