Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Brat Camp: part 3

Another two episode airing of ABC channels primetime version of Brat Camp the first was a repeat of last week. The second hour long episode was new. While not as tense as last week when they were rounded up it was still interesting.
At the beginning we see that the kids are planning escape routes. Jada finds that a prohibited hill leads to a highway with cars that pass regularly, these dumb kids should know you can't get lost in America. After sharing this news with her camp mates they all tell of hearing cars. The stupidly named counselors get together to prevent an escape they agree never to leave any of the brats alone, especially Frank.
Isaiah, 17, Winton,CA was the center for this episode he is a wannabe-tough-guy-punk, he claims to get into fight with "jocks" but most likely he is getting beaten up. His mom is raising him alone after getting divorced and like other weak parents is scared of him. He's also a fire bug and next week they get to play with fire.
Lauren, 17, Davis,CA gets a flirty with Isaiah because her daddy died and she is drawn to bad boys. The fake-Indian counselors quickly separate them and emphasize there will be no hooking up while in camp.
They still are forced to wake up with a strict regimen and today the went to a several mile hike up mountain. During the hike Derek the falsely diagonsed hyperactive kid kept falling. Then a snowstorm hit and my girl Jada called it a blizzard and claimed they all were going to die. Derek still falling as fast as the temperature was helped by Frank. Frank the psycho said he helped out the little kid because as a gang member that's what they did for him, "You help out the little ones because thats what gangs do" said Frank. Hmmm, last gang I saw in New York killed a kid for an iPod that wasn't even his.
Two of the camp staff were replaced by two new ones a guy named Fire bird and a woman named Glitter Bunny, I may be wrong about the names don't quote me. The annoying fake spirit names is really getting on my nerves.
The kids did make it to camp and the storm was no big deal. They did send letters to their parents all of them whined and complained, some even said they were sorry, but Jada's was the best saying that "my hair is falling out, the feed us until we throw up and I can't write anymore because my hand is broken." God she is great. The parents get a more accurate report from the camp staff each week by phone.

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