Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday: July 22

Stargate SG-1:
In the conclusion to last week's Indiana Jones caper Teal'C and Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell are about to get squished if the don't solve a child's puzzle and Vala still connected with Dr. Daniel Jackson has to solve an equally easy puzzle. No surprise they solve the puzzles and get Mitchell gets the sword out of the stone and has to do a military commercial.He battles a virtual knight and defeats him. After everyone else leaves and a stolen coin is returned a huge treasure is revealed lots of gold and jewelery, that Vala can't have, and one Ancient device.
Teal'C returns to his Jaffa friends and finds out that he lost the election to head his people.
Back at Stargate Command Dr. Jackson and Vala use stones from a previous episode to turn the device on and are mental transported to a rural village somewhere. They learn this place may be another Ancient legacy planet. Trying to fit in falied for Vala and she gets burned alive for heresy, but out of nowhere a pale man waves his staff and brings her charred corpse back to life. They walk away with him shaken and to be continued next week.
Lexa Doig(wife of Michael Shanks) makes her first appearance this season as a doctor with a history involving Gen. Hank Landry(Beau Bridges)....ew creepy.

Stargate Atlantis:
Some of the senior crew is returning from Earth in a 18 day trip on the Daedalus. Suddenly a deadly accident with a crew member results in an investigation. While investigating another guy gets sucked into the vacuum of space. They soon find out that the ship has been infected with a Wraith computer virus. The virus wants to bring the ship to the enemy and is intelligent enough to kill everyone on board. Two attempts to shut the ship fails to purge the virus because the virus is hiding on a fighter ship left outside. Of course they stop the virus by blowing up the wayward fighter.
Throughout the episode we get flashbacks of their time on Earth and see Dr. Weir getting dumped.

Battlestar Galactica:

Not as strong as last week which was action packed. The two Galactica crews stranded on two different planets have some down time.
Starbuck finds her apartment and winds down with that guy Helo. We learn she is an artist, poor and her fathers plays piano.
Dr. Baltar is having dreams of Adama drowning babies and another crew member has to put to sleep.
On the ship itself the Cylon boarding party has to make their way to a specific location on the ship and start killing everyone between them. The ship is also infected with a virus and it's all dark and scary. Eventually the Cylons are blown apart and no main character dies. Kind of a weak episode I fell asleep through the middle.

It's on now one hour before Stargate SG-1 part 1 of the pilot episode was shown setting up the characters and the secret cargo, a hot naked girl.

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  1. I actually really liked the second episode of Battlestar this season. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time they were trying to get to AFT Damage Control. I liked the fact that even the heroes were scared. And, the other part I liked was Tyrol having to make a decision about his crewman.


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