Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sci-Fi Friday: July 29

Stargate SG-1:
The conclusion to last week's conclusion has Dr. Jackson and Vala confronting the Ancients weird uncles the Ori. The Ori are ascended Ancients who believe that they must share the secrets of the universe and total obedience. Before being burned alive again Vala and Jackson get disconnected to the their borrowed bodies and the real inhabitants are burned instead.
We meet Louis Gossett Jr. as Gerak an hard nosed leader of the Jaffa who wants non-human help for his people.
O'Neill makes an appearence in the final mintue to lift up Mitchell's spirit.

Stargate Atlantis:
After going on a greenhouse planet the team discovers a dead Wraith. This leads to them hunting two runners, one is good ole Ford and the other a new guy named Tyr Anasazi Donnon Rex. Ford now has a personality, we see it when him and cowardly McKay walk around in search of other team members who were kidnapped by Rex.
Rex is a "runner" who is being hunted by the Wraith. He has a tracker in his back and they convince the doc to take it out in cold blood.
After a little nuttiness from Ford he gets in a fight with Dex it was a draw. Lt. Col. Sheppard shot Ford but that did nothing and he jumped into the Wraith's version of a transporter beam and was gone.

Battlestar Galactica:
Dr. Baltar overcomes his cowardness to be a hero in those episode after saving a soldier from another and taking charge after all his soldiers are put in a bad position.
Madam President is still in lock up and slightly mad but still spins the media enough to become a self-proclaimed prophet.

The naked chick is Simon's sister who is government property and altered in an unknown way.(If you've seen the movie trailer a hint of what she really is was given. Meanwhile they all are frozen in fear when a Reaver ship shows up, Reavers are cannibal nomadic humans from space.

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