Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back to the Basics

On tonight's Nightline Christina Applegate, John Lithgow and Jeff Goldblum got together to speak about why Broadway is more successful than the film industry. John Lithgow basically said that the quality of the movies are down and television is being flooded with reality-tv. Christina Applegate did say how when she hurt her foot her producers shut down the show, proving that it's the celebrity factor that is bring the money to Broadway. Jeff Goldblum also said that the quality of Broadway has improved. Remember that Denzel Washington and Billy Crystal also have big roles on Broadway. The stage has been said to be the one form of entertainment that will never die. And judging by the slump in the box office and ever lower ratings of TV maybe quality does count, not just big names.
Nightline also found out why New York City lost the Olympic bid. According to the IOC they want a city to improve conditions for the poor and England has a greater rate of poverty and made a cool video showing how they're going to demolish the slums and make parks. They also showed England's old Olympic village which is now crap housing. Greece and other recent Olympic cities are in huge debt and there venue are now poor preforming public venues or just sitting there empty.

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