Friday, January 27, 2006

Whoops, I Guessed Wrong

Smallville: Reckoning
I guessed Chloe would die but instead they killed off Jonathan Kent. I was wrong but still it was a good episode. I still believe Chloe won't make it out of this series alive.

Lost: Fire Plus Water
In my humble opinion I think Charlie is infected with the virus that Danielle Rousseau mentioned.
Also it may have got Michael and Locke?

Could Libby be a patient or really a doctor who worked where Hurley was a patient? Either way she noticed like I did that the washer and dryers were ultra-modern the ones that came out last year or so.

While I did notice the polar bears in the crib when Drive Shaft was singing, the crashing plane in one of Charlie's visions was only visible for those with HDTV.
This is a recent trend in TV shows that I don't like because they're putting up content that is part of the storyline when not everyone, hell not even 10% of TV viewers on HD or wide screen TVs.

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  1. small ville has only started its first season in aus...i havn't watched it much, but YAY i love knowing what happens!


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