Wednesday, January 18, 2006

24: 4 Hour Premiere

24 - Day 5: 7:00 AM-8:00 AM
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Yeah I'm late big deal. I'm taking less classes then ever just 13 credits but I'm so close in changing my major. I may switch to Environmental Engineering it sounds nicer.

Nice screenshot from aaron c using Elgato EyeTV 2 on his Mac. This is the only reason I'd get a Mac, their great video editing functions.

On Martin Luther King Jr. day they shot the first black president in nearly the same way that MLK was shot. That was not enough for 24, then blew up Michelle and wounded Tony. They then went after Chloe but she outsmarted them and called Jack.

Jack was roused from his new life as Frank, a day laborer renting a room and dating a woman with a teenage son. Jack steals a helicopter and meets Chloe who is still being followed. The problem is that the teenage boy followed Jack and now is part of the plot.

While at the secret meeting place Jack kills all the bad guys including the Presidential assassin but not before finding out he is being set up.

Jack is now a fugitive, meanwhile President Logan is signing a peace pact with Russia and his wife, played brilliantly by Jean Smart is nuts. The twist is she was contacted by ex-Prez. Palmer about a big terrorist plot and no one believes her. The inside bad guy is her secret service guard.

The big bad guy is watching everything from a media room, he is former Forever Knight star Geraint Wyn Davies.

The target seems to be an airport hostage stand to disrupt the peace treaty signing but that was just a distraction to get a key card.

Jack and teenage boy are stuck in the airport but manage to get the bad guys without further loss of innocent life(minus two dead on camera).

The first lady tries to prove she's not that crazy and uses all her assets to find the truth.Sean Astin comes into the mix as the Presidential overseer. Him and the director of CTU have a weird relationship, kind of an odd pair. Astin does play a big role when he helps decipher a code from Jack that means he's in distress.

Now the true plot is a coffin of nerve gas. The key card is used to unlock a vault to steal these canisters.For a second I thought it was a vampires coffin, I mean with DB Woodside from Buffy and Geraint Wyn Davies of Forever Knight. All in all it was a great beginning and Fox and Sutherland did great with this season.

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