Monday, January 09, 2006

TV Guide: Jan. 9-15

You cheating bastards. No, not you. TV Guide cheated me out of a chance to win fabulous prizes. Look at the cover picture it says 'WIN CASH IN OUR NCIS GIVEAWAY SWEEPSTAKES' but my subscription cover says 'SURPRISING PASSIONS REVEALED! 10 THINGS ALL FANS SHOULD KNOW'. How dare they not give me a chance to play, is it because I get TV Guide for free or is because I won one of their contest last year or is it because of racism. Hmmmm.

On the cover is Mark Harmon and NCIS. 4 pages about a show I don't watch.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Mr. Eko's backstory this Wednesday.
  • ER's Noah Wyle and Mekhi Phifer go to Africa for the show.
  • Christina Ricci on Grey's Anatomy.
  • Smallville has cast Lee Thompson Young as Cyborg.
  • The psuedo-gay guy on Four Kings was suppose to be gay but they rewrote it to straight guy.
  • Lorelai has a wedding dress for Gilmore Girls.
  • Anything To Win a documentary about cheating in sports Tuesday on GSN.
  • Monk starts Friday.
  • James Marsters returns to Smallville toward the end of the season.
  • Charmed beats Laverne & Shirley as the longest running female lead show in history.
  • A 24 catch-up-guide.
  • Sunday Jennifer Love Hewitt will be in an ABCFamilymovie.
New York Magazine: Jan 9
Once again just reading through and read an interview with Eliza Dusku of Tru Calling and Buffy fame. Very enlightening interview. She basically says that she did not like playing Faith in Buffy or Angel and thought it was a disappointing role. This is why she turned down a spin-off.
She also says that the Maxim spread she did was forced on her by the studio.
She's now doing an Off Broadway play about the evil Peanuts gang called Dog Sees God where she plays a pryomaniac Lucy. She is also shopping around for a better faith, as in better then the Mormon one she grew up in.

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