Monday, January 16, 2006

TV Guide: Jan. 16-22

On the cover Matthew Fox and the title Lost. Yet once again my issue is different from the official version. In the newsstand version you receive one of four Sci-Fi collectors cards but not in the subscription issue. They don't even mention the cards. They are constantly sending renewal forms but what is the point with only half the content.
The article inside is all about Matthew Fox or as everyone calls him "Foxy". The 39 year-old actor and photographer is married with two kids. There are plenty of ppicture Foxy took on the set included in the article.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • The "Lost numbers" have appeared in Veronica Mars and on the cover of DC Comics Catwoman.
  • Pics of Patrick Dempsey's trailer are better then my apartment.
  • Gillian Anderson in Bleak House on PBS.
  • Are Scrubs' Turk and J.D. TV's cutest couple?
  • Did you know Maisa Tomei is 41.


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Dude, when you're worried about what's on the cover of fecking TV Guide, and when you're worried about what isn't on the cover of fecking TV Guide, here is what that means:

    You watch too much TV. Your brain has turned to mush. You need a date. You need to get out more. You need to kill your TV.

  2. Nice dude it's a blog not real life.

    Here's what it really means:
    I saw something that no one but TV geeks would notice and blogged about it.

    You watch too much TV. No I have cut down.

    Your brain has turned to mush. Actually I learn from TV my GPA in Engineering is proof.

    You need a date. No problem there I just need her to start watching more TV.

    You need to get out more. Yes, you got 1 right, I'm lazy.

    You need to kill your TV. Blasphemy!

    Yet you still stopped by and read.


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