Saturday, February 04, 2006

Late Week In Review

Damn the immigrants(all non-NYers) in the subway, they spread their diseases and got me sick.
But I'm back and will do a quick run through of last weeks events starting withe best show on TV SURFACE.

Surface: Episode 14
This was a great episode. Rich is having some odd nightmares that make him the bad guy.
Meanwhile the creatures are off the coast of Puerto Rico at the Caribbean Plate digging and cracking through the Earths mantle.
[ Let me drop some science here. One of the deepest trenches in the world is the Puerto Rican trench and it is highly unstable, for years scientist said if a major earthquake ever hit Puerto Rico the entire island could fall into the trench. Also Puerto Rico is part of the United States.]
Rich and Laura set up a trap for Agent Lee and tell him that he is a clone of the original "Lee". Lee doesn't seem to be all clued in so Rich knocks some sense into him, all Leee reveals is that the release of the creatures is not an accident.
Laura leaves Rich to see her kid and gets taken by Lee but not killed. Rich bust into Iderex, a company that Lee deals with. Rich finds canisters containing two of every animal on Earth and a huge facility that is preparing for something big.
Miles sister calls her boyfriend an asshole but it comes out butt wipe. Miles frys the boyfriend during a fight. The police come to get Miles but a mob of parents take him instead. Right before the mob lynches Miles the sheriff informs them a tsunami is heading there way and it already killed 10,000 people in San Jaun, Puerto Rico.
Great episode in everyway. Just one more to go.

TV Guide: Jan. 30-Feb. 5
On the cover Grey's Anatomy and stars Justin Chambers & Katherine Heigl. A four page article talks about their after Superbowl episode. Chambers, Alex on the show, has five kids with his wife Keisha. Heigl is dating singer Josh Kelley.
As usual the subscription copy is slightly different from the on stand issue.
Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Eamonn Walker of Oz fame will be on ER.
  • A new Superman: The Animated Series special is being made.
  • Faison and Braff are as close in real life.
  • Arrested Development's last 4 episodes will be back to back against the Winter Olympics opening ceremony on February 10.
  • I hate Rochell D. Thomas' column Is It Just Me? but then again it could just be me.
Oprah: Dave Chappelle Interview
What Dave said: I was stressed and getting bad advice.
What Dave meant: The white man is working to destroy me and all other rich black people.
What Oprah said: You sound like at the time you were crazy.
What Oprah meant: You are still crazy and you will be back on my show when you realize there is no conspiracy.

On a side note Ben Stiller and Robin Williams just finished filming scenes of A Night at the Museum in the American Museum of Natural History, unfortunately I could not get pictures of the set. Apparently they are using CGI not puppets to make the animals come to life.

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