Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stargate Use To Be Good

Stragate SG-1: Collateral Damage
Browder was finally used in an episode and it sucked. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell has his memory messed with and thinks he killed a chick but really didn't.

Stargate Atlantis: Epiphany
Actually quite a good episode. Sheppard is trapped in a bubble that is moving faster in time then the normal world. He meets some villagers that are besieged by a beast. He helps them gain courage to defeat their fear-beast and they "ascend".

Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship (Part. 2)
The crews of the two battlestars work together to attack the cyclons. The battle was great and the humans win. Eventually when the dust settles it's time for assassnations but both leaders call it off.
Meanwhile Baltar confesses his love to Cylon Model Number Six no. III nd lets her escape. She then finds the admiral and kills her.
Now Adama is admiral and loving it.

Ghost Whisperer: Last Execution
A dead criminal guy is trying to help his daughter. The bad guy is a gallery owner who bought all the criminal's paintings. The daughter fights to clear her dad's name. The secret is that the dad had a contract leaving his daughter with a percentage of all sales his paintings make. He even possess the gallery owner to agree with it.
It was a very violent and disturbing episode. Melinda gets her hair caught in the garbage disposal and has to have it cut. Yet She is still cheerful and happy despite all these ghost trying to kill her and her hubby every week. First they have her in a tight bodice number with "asses in the seat" as they say, then she's bent over the seat taking it from a ghost. For shame.

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