Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lost: The 23rd Psalm

Finally it's back. First hour was a clip-show/recap of the entire series. Not bad it blended both sides of the island pretty good.

This episode was all about Mister Eko. It starts off in what I assume is Nigeria and a gang comes up to a little boy playing and forces him to kill an old man. When the little boy hesitates his older brother comes in and kills the old man. The gang is impressed and takes him away, it was a young Mister Eko.

Later Eko sees Charlie's statue breaks it and reveals the heroin inside. He forces Charlie to go with him and find the rest.

Eko is seen in flashbacks as a ruthless gang leader.

Michael is learning to shoot and getting a bit nuttier talking on the computer.

Back in Africa Eko visits his priest brother and guilts him into making him a priest to run drugs and puts heroin in the 300 Virgin Mary statues.

Charlie is up a tree when the "security system"/smoke monster meets up with Eko. As the camera passes through it we see several images from Eko's life. I posted pictures of what came across clearly. The smoke showed images of Eko's church, the woman in front of the church, different men's faces, a crucifix and the last one looks like Eko holding a woman or his dead brother it is hard to tell.

Micheal is hiding his new penpal from everyone.

Back in Africa Eko's brother called the authorities and ended up getting shot while Eko was pushed out of the plane. The plane then takes off and the officials think Eko is a real priest.

Eko finds the plane and his brother's corpse and burns it all. He does give Charlie a replacement statue. when Charlie gets back to camp he places the statue in a secret place and we see half a dozen more statues that he has hidden.

The koreans make friends with Ana and Libby gets help from Hurley.

Great episode, as for Invasion I fell asleep when they did the whole hot-horny-girl with awkward-teenage boy storyline from Surface.


  1. Eko looked like a real badass when he was staring down the smoke monster. You must have had your head IN the TV to see those images in the smoke :-). I totally missed them and I already deleted the episode so I can't go back and check.

  2. They're all over the internet now, most have better shots then I have.

    But that is one reason I love TiVo I can easily see a scene twenty times over.


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