Friday, January 06, 2006

New Thursday Line-Up

No more Joey, yes, wooooo yeah.

Four Kings: Pilot
Pilot episodes are the worst episodes of a show and this one is no different. They set up the show about four life long friends who inherit a beautifully large apartment in New York City and deice to live together. They are all now single and ready to move on to their next stage of life.
Seth Green is the funny angry one and the only thing worth watching. That guy from Commited is the main guy but not as funny as when he did Commited.

My Name Is Earl: Barn Burner
Earl's brother burns down a barn and Earl makes him do the list. Eventually Earl forgives him for ruining their future and takes the list back.
This was a dang funny episode with Catalina stealing most of the scenes. When asked what she feared the most she plainly says snakes..."snakes and rape". Also in another scene she speaks Spanish when responding to Joy. Let me translate what she said..."To all the Latino in the audience thanks for watching and for those non-Latinos thanks for taking the time and learning another language." I fell over laughing when she said that.

ER: If Not Now
The announcers for NBC should be tortured. All week long they announce the shock of what will happen to Dr. Neela will go down in ER history and then not only is it not on this week's episode it looks to be something stupif and boring.
As for the episode it was all about abortion and Dr. Abby keeping her baby. The only person I like in the show now is Dr. Morris played by Scott Grimes. I always liked him since his sci-fi horror days doing those Critters movies. Which comes back to the point that these Critters should eat the NBC announcers.

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