Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Surface Gets Better

Surface: Episode 12
Laura was about to open the door with the bad guys on the other side when Rich came in and snapped into action. After a chase through the hotel Rich confronts on of the agents and beats the crap out of the guy.
It's nice to see how every time you think Rich is mellowing out he goes a little psycho.
Eventually Lauar opens an e-mail from a stranger trying to help her. The person on the other uses an extreme version of Google Earth to take live pictures of Rich and Laura from a satellite. The person then gives the two a phone and some money and fake ID's. The stranger tells Laura to fly off and meet in person. When she does she realizes that the pilot is the stranger.
The stranger is played by Martha Plimpton, of Goonies fame, she is a scientist claiming to be one of 2,500 who helped design this creature.
Meanwhile Miles is trying to help Nim again, deal with a hot-fast-slutty girl and starting to transform into a sea monster.
The creatures seemed to haven't eaten a couple of kids but the world is still mostly ignorant.
Jackson is still missing.
Quote of the Show: "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope" when Laura sent a message to her ex via video-mail.

The Simpsons: Homer's Paternity Coot

Most shows that have lasted a long time takes special care not to make mistakes. But in this episode their was an obvious one. When Dr. Hibbard was announcing Homer's real dad there was a continuity error with Mason Fairbank's clothing.

As you see the doctor announces who Homer's father is,
everyone is shocked and Mason has a jacket and shirt.

Then Homer asks who Mason was and the doctor points him out,
and Mason is wearing the sweater from earlier in the episode.

Goofs like this are normal but on such highly rated show. Especially with all the computers now used this error should have been caught.

Cold Case: 8 years
I normally don't watch this show but a slew of Bruce Springsteen songs were used.
It was a very sad and good episode involving a twenty year old murder in New Jersey.
The music added a great element to the show the flashbacking was great.
This show was what Reunion wanted to be but Reunion failed.

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