Friday, January 20, 2006

No Joey = Better TV

First of all that freakin' transit strike before Christmas resulted in nothing. The members rejected the contract and the will lose most of their gains in binding arbitration. Good!

Smallville: Lockdown
After surviving the Kryptonian attack earlier this season a rogue cop and his fiancee go to Lex to find the spaceship. They kill yet another black guy after Lex locks himself in a panic room.
The cop killers then get Lana but lose her to Lex and once again Lex is mortally wounded.
Of course everything goes well at the end when Clark comes to the rescue.
While watching the show someone pointed out that it looked like Tom Welling was wearing a hearing aid, but I thought it was shadow I've posted a picture. So is there something in his ear?

My Name Is Earl: Stole P's H D cart
Earl tries to help an old man after he stole the man's Hot Dog cart as a two hundred dollar heist for another hot dog vendor. Giavonni Ribisi also stars in this episode. The old gang must infiltrate an office to steal at least $10,000 of office supplies to make right what has now gone wrong with the old man's hot dog cart.
It was a dang funny episode and the best part was Darnell. In an obvious joke he reprised his role as Rubberband-Man from those OfficeMax commercials.

Here is a blog dedicated to Eddie Steeples(Darnell)
Here are two of those famos Rubberband-Man ads. They are on an endless loop but here's the link and the other link.

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