Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Monday Madness

Surface: Episode 13
Well it turns out to be a bad day for everyone. First Rich goes home and finds out his wife has filed for a divorce. Then Miles goes to a town meeting where the locals agree to hunt the sea monsters...hmm that doesn't seem to be a smart choice.
Then we learn the back story of the mysterious scientist who has Laura, she was recruited out of college by a firm that already cloned sheeps in the 1960's. The also have an Archaeopteryx, the link between dinosaurs and birds.
After Laura leaves the scientist she and Rich go to trace the money of the "firm" and end up in an abandoned factory where Rich talks to what he thought was a little girl instead it was Chaka from Land of The Lost, please people raise the budget for special effects. The creature attacks and confirms what the duo thought. The firm is making animals and can't control them.
Back in Miles' town the locals place a shootout trap for the sea monsters but the creatures instead chomp up the locals until Miles steps in and leads the swarm away.
Mad scientist woman then gets a visit from Agent Lee who tells her you talked now you die, she is allowed to contact her family one last time.
Rich and Laura take a scene from Lost and find a film that partially explains the "firm". On the film from 1957 we see a hike to the mountains and the unknown "firm" leader finding the sea lily on in a crator on the mountain and Agent Lee happily pointing it out.In the beginning of the season Lee told his woman that the flower was "the future" and knowing he is now at least 70 years old we have more questions then answers.

24: 11:00 AM-12:00PM
Jack is cleared and the spy in CTU and the one in the White House is revealed but it seems that they aren't against the US instead they have an alternate agenda.

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