Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Guess Who I Saw?

I was coming home yesterday from a day of doing the whole tourist thing. After dropping her off at her train I took a train I never take and one stop later guess who walks in.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

Yeah that's right Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick walked on the train together.

Naysayer: Well where's the proof.
Man: Look I spent the day taking pics and had the camera in my pocket ready to go.
Naysayer: And you chickened out.
Man: No I like them both and thought it would be rude.
Naysayer: Sure, how did they look?
Man: Kevin was wearing a green bubble jacket, an orange wool cap and glasses. He looked very wrinkled and old. He looked thin and small.
Naysayer: And Kyra?
Man: She looked so much better in a wool coat no cap and she opened her coat and started adjusting her tight top and scarf.
Naysayer: Ooooh, did you see nip?
Man: Don't be a perv naysayer, she was very well dressed and nothing popped out.
Naysayer: How did they act?
Man: They weren't smiling and holding hands but they just seemed liking a typical NY couple taking the train. It was the same way I was all day hanging out with her. Close but trying to get through the windy wet day.
Naysayer: Who is this her you talked about?
Man: Shut up and move on.
Naysayer: So you said you started thos blog to get celeb pictures and at your first chance you chickened out.
Man: Well they only stayed for one stop and walked out. I decided that I would only take pics of celebs I like on their sets, you know when they film on the streets. No one was harassing them and they just seemed so comfortable taking the subway I don't want to the dick who ruined it.
Naysayer: Whatever now back to your shows and make it short.

Fear Factor: Pyscho Fear Factor 1
Couples and former couples do stunts at the Bates Motel. What I found interesting is that the majority of women were carryingthe guys. I never seen a group of such wimpy guys.

Scrubs: My Intern's Eye/My Right Of Passage
The first episode was much funnier then the second. Everyone's is back and doing well except for Dr. Reid who was let go of her new hospital.

Law & Order: SVU: Infected
Malcolm David Kelley of Lost plays a kid who saw his mom getting shot by a rapist and then he kills the guy. A very strong episode and the court room stuff was great with Judith Light as a defendant and judge. This show does get better every episode.

Naysayer: What about Arrested Development?

Man: I saw it and taped it but it was so layered and funny I need to watch it again to give it it's on post.

Naysayer: You heard Lindsay Lohan admitted being a bulimic and drug user during her asthma attack.
Man: Hey I don't talk about that here. No gossip please.


  1. oh wow, Kevin Bacon? thats pretty exciting, but yeah, he must be getting old now...
    and bloody Lindsay Lohan, how dare she attack me on my blog :p its just rude!

  2. I know Kevin BAcon is more famous but Kyra looked like a satr and I was happier to see her.


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