Sunday, January 08, 2006

Freckin' Friday

Ghost Whisperer: Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
The Dead-Americans in Melindas life are getting more powerful and one even stopped the breath of a living man. Melinda seems unphased at being grabbed by strange men. But as usually she is fine and resolves everything. On a good note the Asian boy was back and lost the third-eye for ghost, the dead dog was back and her newest pet and the phantom ghost is back watching her.
Nice to see they sewn some holes on the show.

The Book Of Daniel: Temptation and Forgiveness
A priest, his drug selling daughter, his gay son, his adopted Asian son, a dead son, an alcoholic wife, a woman boss and a missing 3.2 million dollars walk in to a bar and pops some pills.
Skip to the punchline...and Jesus walks in and he's the comic relief.
A little bit of light is that Jesus said he used to talk to the priest father but stopped.
The show itself is well shot and acted with lots of New York soap and Oz actors and Neve Campbell's brother as the gay son but the show tries to hard to be edgy.

Stargate SG1: The Fourth Horseman
Still Ben Browder does nothing and the team talks sense to religious fanatics, now that is unrealistic.

Stargate Atlantis: The Hive
More evil queen aliens in a hive collective...hmmm sounds familiar.

Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship
The admiral is a family killing pyscho and they have to kill her but she has killing plans of her own. Nice tense episode. Still the strongest show on the line-up. Nothing gets resolved because everything is on hold while the two Battlestars prepare to attack a Cylon "Resurrection ship" filled with hot blond robot models.

Surface is repeating Mondays at 7pm/ET on Sci-Fi. Not my picture above but seemed right to steal.

Masters Of Horror: Fair Haired Child
A hot geek girl is kidnapped and going to be sacrifced to bring back some couple's son. Well she is sacrificed but the couple is then offered up to bring the hot geek girl back and the two kids live happily ever after.
A good episode overall.

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