Monday, September 05, 2005

TV Guide: Sep. 4-10

Sorry a bit late but with college it’s bound to happen.
Tom Brady is on the cover titled NFL 2005 PREVIEW. 18 pages cover the upcoming NFL season. They have a Tom Brady interview, he’s very close to his family. The entire ABC and ESPN Monday and Sunday night football schedule, a list of the NFL’s “Most Watchable”, female fans, a small interview with Holly Robinson Peete and some cool football related stuff to buy.

Good Things To Read Inside:

  • Summer shows are ending, I’ve never seen The Closer.
  • Those letters to TV Guide are especially whiny and wrong.
  • Carrie Fisher joins Smallville.
  • Kristen Johnston joins ER.
  • The Amazing Race full family edition.
  • Matt Roush likes Rome. A new After School Special is coming.
  • Jeri Ryan joins The O.C.
  • The making of the new Night Stalker.
  • The history of Emmy troubles and the truth behind the Super Emmy,1974.
  • Survivor host Jeff Probst “I hope the…people aren’t ugly” when describing what he wants from the show.
  • Soap stars are now making their own movies.
  • Thursday, Oakland at New England in the season opener of real football on ABC.
Also this may be the last small TV Guide it is growing to standard magazine(8" × 10½") so it maybe a collectors edition. I’ll check to see if the next issue is bigger. Their are also changes to their store is offline and coming back new.


  1. I think you forgot to add that Twiggy is going to be a judge on the new season of Americas Next Top Model. I hate admitting that I have a soft spot for that show.

  2. Twiggy is still alive?
    I know others who watch that show and love Tyra Banks, I guess that's why she is getting her on talk show.

  3. Kristen Johnson is going to be on E.R.? I was just wondering what happened to her. Yay! I'm excited.

  4. Yes, she's going to be the new "take charge"™ cough...bitch...cough nurse manager.


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