Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lost & Such

Lost: Man of Science, Man of Faith
Good episode the catch up in the one before they had Peter Coyote talking about the plot of last season and they kept bringing up the back of the plane.
We find out in the new episode that a cool apartment is in the hatch and an old acquaintance of Jack, who told Jack to "Lift it up".
Walt appeared for a bit and looks older and taller.
Did anyone see a slight mistake on the show. The hatch had QUARANTINE in black letters during the show and the same hatch had QUARANTINE in red letters during next weeks preview.
For those of you playing the Lost numbers game they appeared on the injection bottle CR 4-81516-23 42

Invasion: Pilot
Wow this show is badly acted crap. Surface and Threshold is better.

Standing Still is still funny.
Yes, Dear should be canceled.( Also short hair on cute women makes them not so cute.)

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  1. I absolutely HATED the girl who played the daughter on Invasion. I was really disappointed by the season premiere for this show. I'll probably watch a little more just to see if it gets better, but I agree with you -- Surface and Threshold are better.

    As for Lost, keep these numbers games things going! I tend to not be that observant of the small things, so I LOVE to read about them later. I would never have seen those numbers on the injection.


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