Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tuesday Quick Reviews

Bones: Pilot
The half Chinese half Irish girl on the show is brash and outgoing, she flashes in the first scene of the show. There is history between the David Boreanaz as Booth and Emily Deschanel as Brennan, she is pop-culture clueless and he has a heart of gold.
There was an obligatory Scully & Mulder reference, also Brennan was orphaned at 15 with no clue of what happened to her parents.
Good chemistry but the show is missing something….Buffy, although Brennan is tough.

Supernatural: Pilot
Two brothers and a father lose their mother to a mysterious force. They hunt for a living but we don’t see any of the training and monster categories they explored through out the years.
Skip to present day and dad is missing, big brother is back and little bro is in college and in love. They go to find daddy and find a ghost instead, which they bust. When little bro comes back home his love is stuck on the ceiling dying like his mother did.
Obviously it’s the little bro that this thing is after because when he was a baby the thing was at his crib. The show ran 4-7 minutes long and taught us about good pentagrams and white women.
There was an obligatory Scully & Mulder reference.

Gilmore Girls: New and Improved Lorelai
Lorelai is getting married to Luke and still not talking to her daughter. Rory has to do 300 hours of community service after her arrest last season.
This show has the best pop-culture reference, no Scully & Mulder but one great Christopher Atkins and one funny Benson.
By the way I usually don’t judge people by looks but Alexis Bledel has the best ass on current TV since Jenna Von Oy. Lauren Graham and Liza Weil are also hot.

Yes, I know what your thinking, “try to justify watching this show by calling the chick hot”, yeah well it’s still true.

House: Acceptance
The best of all of the Tuesdays show had LL Cool J was a death row inmate who is dying. House is trying to save him and we see all the graphic details.
Dr. Cameron was being a big wuss when trying to tell her patient some real bad news, we find out that she married her husband because he was dying and she didn’t want to leave him alone.


  1. Bones has got to become a little bit less about the heart vs. brains argument and use the chemistry between the two characters/actors just play itself off to be truly good.

    As for Supernatural, I personally loved the show. I was actually thinking it was going to be crappy schlock, but it turned out to be pretty scary. My only problem with it is that Jensen Ackles needs to tone down the action hero 'tude a bit because it comes off a little like overacting. But, otherwise...LOVED IT.

  2. Yeah both shows were better then I expected too.


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