Saturday, September 03, 2005

TiVo Fall Preview

For those of you who don’t have TiVo they sent a small fall preview for FOX, UPN and the WB. It shows previews of each show in commercial form. I’ll give my impressions of each show and whether or not I will watch any of them. THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST.

First on FOX:
Reunion: Six relatively unknown actors play six friends whose life unfolds into death for one of them over twenty years. We see one of the rich kids let his friend takes the blame and go to jail. The investigator is Matthew St. Patrick, of Six Feet Under.
Verdict: I may watch but it seems kinda wandering & pointless.

The War at Home: Anita Barone and Michael Rapaport play parents of a sexy girl, weird middle son and a young cool trouble making boy. They seem to be a New York family with the typical white stereotypes. The funny moments were when the middle boy is accused of being gay when he isn’t and when the sexy girl bring homes a black boyfriend like her mother did years ago.
Verdict: Typical sitcom and narratives from dad I’ll watch the first episode.

Bones: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel play FBI agnets who solve crimes, along with four others.
Verdict: I think this is the first failure, I’ll still watch the first episode.

Killer Instinct: Three detectives including Chi McBride solve San Francisco crimes.
Verdict: Crime show nothing special, may watch if nothing else is on.

Head Cases: A wacky legal show with Chris O’Donnell and Adam Goldberg, Goldberg is the wacky one.
Verdict: Seems funny I may watch if it doesn’t conflict with anything else.

Kitchen Confidential: A comedy in a restaurant with many familiar faces and from Darren Star, of Sex and the City fame.
Verdict: Looks funny and good I’ll watch it.

Next on the WB:
Supernatural: Two brothers witnessed something strange when they were kids and now they are adults and after their father goes missing after a “hunt” the brothers reunite to find him.
Verdict: The show looks great I can’t wait.

Twins: Melanie Griffith, Mark Linn-Baker, Sara Gilbert and Molly Stanton. An all-star cast that center around a plain twin versus a trampy twin. Baker and Gilbert are my favorites and Griffith and Stanton, of Passions, play perfect airheads.
Verdict: I also like it even if the sitcom is unoriginal.

Just Legal
: Another lawyer show with Don Johnson and some kid. A comedy with heart from Jerry Bruckheimer.
Verdict: I won't watch it unless nothing else is on.

Related: Four hot chicks and one guy are rich and good looking. Jennifer Esposito and Callum Blue, of Dead Like Me, are the married couple. Oh yeah they live in NYC.
Verdict: A new Sex and the City clone, the youngest one is the most interesting, it looks decent I'll watch it if I remember.

Finally on UPN:
Everybody Hates Chris: 1982 Chris Rock's life growing up in Brooklyn.
Verdict: It's the most anticipated show and hopefully it will last, I will watch it.

Sex, Love & Secrets
: Denise Richards in a drama about young horny people.
Verdict: Most likely the second failure, I won't watch it.

Veronica Mars
: TiVo recapped last season in about a minute and showed nothing of the next.
Verdict: Great show I will watch it.

Top Model: Reality crap.
Verdict: I won't watch it and I hope no one else will, please don't tell me if you do.


  1. I'm really looking forward to Kitchen Confidential and Supernatural. I'll probably tune in on Bones just because I love David Boreanaz. And, I'll finally get to TiVo Veronica Mars. Although, I wonder if I'll be confused since I didn't get to watch any of the first season.

  2. The first season of Veronica Mars was pretty simple and the characters are also not that complicated. I believe next season they will make complicated by adding more characters and a more involved mystery.


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