Sunday, September 18, 2005

Emmy Losers and Winners

Coulda, woulda, shoulda!IMG_0322

Comedy Series
Arrested Development FOX.....Shoulda
Desperate Housewives ABC
Everybody Loves Raymond CBS.....Winner
Scrubs NBC
Will & Grace NBC

Drama Series
Deadwood HBO
Lost ABC .....Winner..&..Shoulda
Six Feet Under HBO.....Coulda
24 FOX
The West Wing NBC

Lead Actor, Drama Series
Hank Azaria - Huff Showtime
James Spader - Boston Legal ABC ....Winner
Hugh Laurie - House FOX......Coulda
Kiefer Sutherland - 24 FOX....Shoulda
Ian McShane - Deadwood HBO

Lead Actress, Drama Series
Jennifer Garner - Alias ABC
Patricia Arquette - Medium NBC .....Winner
Mariska Hargitay - Law and Order Special Victim's Unit NBC
Glenn Close - The Shield FX
Frances Conroy - Six Feet Under HBO.....Shoulda

Lead Actor, Comedy Series
Jason Bateman - Arrested Development FOX.....Shoulda
Zach Braff - Scrubs NBC.....Coulda
Eric McCormack - Will & Grace ABC
Ray Romano - Everybody Loves RaymondCBS
Tony Shalhoub - Monk USA ......Winner

Lead Actress, Comedy Series
Marcia Cross - Desperate Housewives ABC
Teri Hatcher - Desperate Housewives ABC
Patricia Heaton - Everybody Loves Raymond CBS
Felicity Huffman - Desperate Housewives ABC....Winner
Jane Kaczmarek - Malcolm In The Middle FOX......Coulda, woulda, shoulda!

Good for William Shatner and Jon Stewart. Also House is one of the best shows on TV, even though it's predictable.

I watch this show with the sound off and only pay attention during the In Memoriam and the point when they announce the winner. The rest is still crap.


  1. There were some strange picks last night. I was totally floored when Tony Shalhoub won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. I love Shalhoub, but I so didn't see it going there. I agree, though...Bateman should have won.

    The Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category, though, we know could have been titled "the category in which Jane Kaczmarek didn't have a chance." Oh, I love her too, but you know that would have been a total upset last night if it didn't go to either Heaton or one of the Housewives. I, personally, wanted Marcia Cross to win, but I'm happy for Felicity Huffman.

  2. Jane Kaczmarek is such a great actress, her role as Lois makes me think about what kind of mother I will be... I'll be a Lois!!! OMG, it's true, I feel so Lois sometimes, hahaha.


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