Monday, April 18, 2011

The Waltons

That's right kids.

Hallmark channel has been repeating most episodes of The Waltons in order for up to 3 hours a day. On Easter weekend they will have a 24-hour marathon.

This show is great and is better than Little House on the Prairie. I have not seen this show since I was a kid since it was not as a popular rerun as other shows of the time. The acting is great, the sets are really well done, and the themes/episode continue throughout the episodes.

For those who do not know The Waltons is a show about a large family living on their own land during The Great Depression. It is based on the book Spencer's Mountain but is only 10-25% based on real the life author Earl Hamner Jr. So loosely based on real life is most accurate.

Each episode is can be broken down easily:
Someone comes to stay with the Waltons, the visitor(s) have a problem and by being around the Waltons they come to realize how family should work and they resolve the problem.

The show is not heavy handed with the judgement and while church plays a huge role the father is not religious because of his war experience but is more spiritual. The first season is near perfect for a drama with moments of comedy. After that subtle changes start appearing that still haunts shows to this day. Typical stuff like focusing on kids instead of older people, using more sets than outside filming, and complaints about money yet always seeming to have more the next episode ( cough...cough...Desperate Housewives...cough).

John Boy plays the role of observer more than the star, at least in the first 3 seasons. It is kind of odd watching this old show knowing that eventually Richard Thomas leaves and gets replaced and by the end the show gets silly but for now it is good. Take a second and TiVo an episode or two.


  1. Someone mentioned "The Waltons" the other day and I've been in the mood to watch a few episodes ever since. I used to be a person that did not watch reruns or rewatch movies, but lately I find myself going back to old favorites because there are fewer and fewer new shows and movies that I like.

  2. Agreed compared to shows now they were much better written than I remembered.


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