Sunday, October 02, 2011

Terra No Way

Terra Nova: Genesis Part 1 & 2

Huge mistake completely took me out of the show.

People are being sent to an alternate timeline's past ( I can accept this). The young nerd of the show explains that they can kill as many butterflies they want without fearing for the future because it is not their time stream.


If time/universe travel is one-way then how does anyone know it is working.
For example if I sent my kid to France and he never came back or wrote a letter why would I send another kid? Even if I sent a police officer to France to investigate knowing I will never find out if the cop found my kid because it's not possible to contact me why would I send more.

The old world is 70% ocean 10% unlivable so there is no way to pinpoint if they landed safely. No evil company or optimistic government would keep sending groups to the unknown without proof of life.

Overall the effects look amateurish, the set looks like a toy set, the plot is Lost with a Stargate, and the acting is underwhelming.


  1. I watched the pilot, and I actually kind of enjoyed it. I did not, although, feel compulsed to watch later episodes. On the contrary, it did have the lowest loss of viewers from episode 1 to episode 2.

    Jacob Bauer
    Awake Fan Central

  2. @Jacob Bauer, true but the major scientific plot hole and the lack of prehistoric animals will mean quick cancellation.

  3. Based off of the pilot, I can't really verify much of that, but I can see what you mean.

    Jacob Bauer
    Awake Fan Central


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