Friday, May 06, 2011

Special Effects

I was never confused when I saw Superman fly on TV.
It was obvious that cars do not explode when in light crashes.
I knew the Dukes of Hazard and Kinght Rider went threw dozens of cars because all that jumping kills the transmission.
I know that once a camera is turned on, the subject being filmed changes in response and is no longer reality.
I know it is possible to erase and change anything that is recorded.

I accept official statements because I am sane and conspiracies are nuts.

Apparently the world has forgotten these common sense statements and begs for more proof and then dismiss the proof given.

Hopefully we reached a peak of skepticism and go back to the days that if someone is smarter than you than they know better. Your conspiratorial opinion is not needed and further more is not valid. Not every point needs a counterpoint.

Proof not needed.

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