Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Media Hype

Watching Rep. Anthony Weiner resign from his job was difficult to watch. Not because of him but because of the hecklers who often pose as reporters. Often seen at news conferences since the early days of reporting these parasites have no view points accept to yell. They are anti everything are too much of a collective coward to stand for anything.

Weiner's scandal was a lot of nothing, posting pictures of himself while may be naughty is not criminal or evil in any way. His problem is that he knew the reporters and news stations are hype machines who prefer to scandalize everything. He chose the wrong path and lied, his best strategy should have been like former Governor Patterson and just admit to everything and say "it's my life".

Hopefully this ends the coverage as the reporters successfully knocked down another person for the sake of ratings. Remember it was the tabloid reporters that killed a princess and the still stalk others hoping to be the "LAST" interview.

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