Thursday, May 26, 2011

First @ 4:00PM

This is the local ABC news that has replaced Oprah. In NYC Oprah was on at 4:00PM for years. Instead of replacing it with some talk or reality show they added another hour of news.

First @ 4:00PM is nothing special and just gives straight news without the awful gimmicks that other channels have embraced. It is great to have another news source that has not gone wild.

Top Story
The image above is of NYC's top story which is that two officers were acquitted of sexual assault and burglary after they brought a drunk woman home and one of them assaulted her. Granted he said he just cuddled with her while she lay in her own vomit but that's not creepy. Of course these bad cops are good enough to leave no evidence but then again it is never that simple.

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